Yes‚ Sir!

Kinkaleri (Firenze)

conceived and staged by Kinkaleri
with Marco Mazzoni
costumes Scultura Morbida Marlene Mangold
co–production Kanuti Gildi Saal‚ Tallinn Estonia
in collaboration with SPAM! Spazio per le Arti Contemporanee
ringraziamenti Fratelli Edison
with support from the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali – Dipartimento dello spettacolo
SRS Regione Toscana

Wednesday May 27th
9 p.m.
space > Cavallerizza Reale‚ Manica Corta
Via G. Verdi‚ 9 − Torino

Regional Debut

Yes Sir! Is the second episode of the project THE HUNGRY MARCH SHOW (2007−2009)‚ a trilogy about decadence developed into three separate shows over a three−year period: Between a carrot and I (2007)‚ Yes sir! (2008)‚ Touch me shark (2009).
THE HUNGRY MARCH SHOW project is a continuation along the course of researching the intricacies of choreography. As with other companies‚ improvisation plays a part; in this case not as the event’s main element‚ but rather‚ a stratagem for actively putting into practice on−stage the vitality necessary to the show itself.
The subject can be discovered in the elaboration of imagery of some of the scenic figures – one per show – functionina as a narrative device. Each work is investigated by a personage and his alteration.
Steve McQueen‚ Henry Rollins‚ Mikhail Baryshnikov‚ three icons of the 20th century‚ represent contemporary stereotypes of talent‚ success and power‚ elements that are starting points for the on−stage elaboration that the performer re−defines and theatrically transforms onto themselves to the point of disintegration‚ bordering on the convolutions of their own obsessions − Fiction/non−Fiction. In this new phase‚ THE HUNGRY MARCH SHOW / Yes sir! (2008)‚ it’s the figure of Henry Rollins who is cannibalized by the performer‚ who takes on his visibly altered sembiance‚ redefining a new possible story.

Kinkaleri was founded in 1995 due to the encounter of its various members who previously came from diverse experiences and studies. The company has been hosted at events of many different kinds and has received important recognition from the Italian and international experimental scene‚ and is always thoroughly attentive to all the aspects of planning‚ conception‚ dramaturgy‚ distribution and management that the creations need.
The productive aspect of Kinkaleri has constantly developed through diversified itineraries –shows‚ performances‚ installations‚ video productions‚ sonorization‚ events and publications – hosted at contemporary art museums‚ theatres‚ festivals‚ dance and theatre events‚ series and audio installations‚ Among the most important productions are Doom (1996)‚ 1.9cc GLX (1998) and My love for you will never die (2001).
The project (2002/2003) won the premio UBU award in 2002‚ and other works include WEST (2003−2007)‚ I Cenci/Spettacolo (2004)‚ Pool (2005)‚ Nerone (2006)‚ Pinocchio (2007)‚ THE HUNGRY MARCH SHOW / Between a carrot and I (2007) and Alcuni giorni sono migliori di altri (Some days are better than others) (2008). In 2007‚ the company curated Wanted‚ a project in Bologna co−produced by Siemens and presented in the ambient of the F.I.S.Co. Festival organized by Xing‚ presenting a hybrid programming of genres and resulting in acclamation from the Italian and international experimental scene.