Interplay/09 International Contemporary Dance Festival will take place from May 18th to the 27th.
The Festival‚ now in its ninth edition‚ will host artists from the international dance scene as well as new and promising emergent talents who have distinguished themselves in the major dance festivals in Italy and abroad. The protagonists are choregraphers from Canada‚ Germany‚ Israel‚ Switzerland and France... and then there are also Italian choregraphers from the regions of Marche‚ Tuscany‚ Veneto‚ Emilia Romagna‚ Lazio... and naturally Piedmont. All the productions are National or Regional debuts. The festival is made possible by collaboration and support from Torino Danza‚ Teatro Stabile and Teatro Regio of Turin‚ with support from the Piedmont Region and the MiBAC.

As in past years‚ collaborations continue with the organizers of important events regarding contemporary and emergent dance‚ especially those who are especially attentive to supporting the circuiting of young choregraphers; in fact‚ Interplay Festival is the only Italian partner of the two international networks: the French Festival Les Repérages−Lille‚ involving 15 nations‚ and the Dance Roads circuit‚ with 4 other international partners. As Piedmont’s representative‚ it is a member of the Italian ANTICORPI XL network‚ which involves 8 organizations from 8 different regions in Italy‚ with the aim of promoting and supporting the Italian young dance scene.

After last year’s success‚ this year there will also be the Laboratory of Criticism Writing‚ addressed to University of Turin students attending courses dedicated to the discipline of the performing arts‚ in collaboration with CRUD‚ the University Regional Center of Dance‚ directed by the group of critics‚ Altre Velocità. Altre Velocità Association was formed by a group of young observers and critics of the performing arts. The laboratory proposes to mediate encounters between the language of contemporary dance and audiences‚ promoting an active fruition of the events‚ encouraging students to recognize and cultivate their own role as critical spectators and aware actors within the culture of their own time.

Interplay Festival opens on May 18th with a special event‚ a sort of DANCE RAVE‚ hosting 10 national and international companies alternating performances in urban spaces and in theatres‚ from 5 p.m. until midnight at Vittoria Theatre and the Via Amendola pedestrian zone... a way of bringing the general public closer to contemporary dance by creating an event that poses the idea of diverse theatrical and performance events addressed to all. Included in the ticket price will be with a dinner served in the theatre which is also accompanied by performance events ending in a finale with live music when the events are over‚ leaving space for the choreographers‚ dancers and audience members... to freely improvise on the stage.

Starting at 5 p.m.‚ with an appointment at the line 12 bus stop in Via XX Settembre‚ the urban events will commence with a performance by Roberto Castello and Alessandra Moretti‚ members of the Aldes Company‚ in a street version of “Scene da un matrimonio” which begins on the bus and will continue until the arrival at via Amendola‚ the pedestrian street in front of the Vittoria Theatre. The winner in 2003 of the UBU award in the dance−theatre sector‚ Castello has always been attentive to contamination among the visual arts‚ music and movement.
Following this‚ there will be a street performance of “In a Landscape” by Daniele Albanese‚ a choreographer supported by the Pact−zollverein Project of Essen in ’06‚ who has presented his works in various festivals including Fabbrica Europa (Florence)‚ the Comunale Theatre of Ferrara and PS122 in New York.
Yet another urban performance in the Borbonese store display windows‚ surprising us with their pungent irony will be the performance of Tardito/Rendina‚ a Turinese company‚ sustained over the years by the Drosera festival‚ Torinodanza‚ Volterra Theatre...
At 7:30 p.m. the shows will move into the theatre‚ where a buffet is included in the ticket price‚ for the show by Olivia Giovannini from Genoa‚ performed in the midst of the audience‚ transforming it into the event’s co−protagonist.
At 8:30 p.m. the performances will move onto the stage‚ starting with ”Acerbo” by the company from Rome‚ Maddai‚ finalists of the 2008 Equilibrio Award‚ and which has participated in many series and festivals‚ including Enzimi‚ Uovo‚ Ammutinamenti and Danza Urbana. With this choreographic project‚ the company investigates the “unfinished”‚ exposing the hidden interstices of the choreographic process.
Following that will be the Israeli choreographer Iris Erez‚ in “Temporary”‚ a work presented in 2007 at BMotion‚ the festival dedicated to avant−garde dance in Bassano del Grappa.
Immediately afterwards will be the humorous performance by the very young Helen Cerina in “F.S.A.”‚ proposed by the AnticorpiXL circuit in ’08‚to be followed by the young Turinese actor and dancer‚ Dario La Stella / Senza Confini di Pelle Company‚ with an interactive performance.
Fabrizio Favale‚ a choreographer from Bologna and soloist in the Virgilio Sieni Company from ’91 to ’98‚ who has presented his works at important national and international festivals‚ will present his “Il Gioco del Gregge di Capre” at Interplay/09.
After that comes “Maquillages”‚ a production from Belgium that was highly successful in the MaYDaY Festival at Anversa‚ by the choreographer Elisabetta Consonni and the video artist Enrica Magnolini‚ Italians who have lived abroad for a long time.

The evenings will continue on May 19th‚ 20th‚ 21st‚ 25th‚ 26th and 27th‚ featuring important national and international guests and companies‚ witha all performances starting at 9 p.m. except for the evening at the Steam Laundry in Collegno on May 21st ‚ where the audience is invited to an inaugural apertif before the performances beginning at 8.30 p.m..

On May 19th‚ appearing for the first time in Italy at the Vittoria Theatre‚will be the Israeli company of Aviv Eveguy with the show “Animus” with three dancers and original music by Ori Drumer‚ one of the most significant composers of the new music scene in Israel. The choreographer Aviv EveGuy‚ who received his diploma from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York‚ has presented his works in Berlin‚ Shanghai‚ Latvia and New York. In 2006‚ he received an award from the American Israel Culture Foundation for his work “Room of thoughts”‚ created with choreographer Maya Brinner and videomaker Ido Cohen−Alloro.
Following that‚ will be an intense evocative performance by Alessandro Sciarroni‚ acclaimed by Italian and foreign critics as a senstive interpreter in the new contemporary dance scene (F. Quadri‚ V. Ottolenghi‚ and others)‚ who will present “Your Girl”‚ winner of the Drò−Trento international award for Performance.

The evening of May 20th is ANTICORPI EXPLO’ evening‚ featuring three guest choreographers selected at the Young Choreographers’ Showcase held in Ravenna (Sept. ’08)‚ organized by the ANTICORPI XL network for the promotion of young original dance‚ and of which Interplay is Piedmont’s representative. The evening opens with “Takeya Female Version”‚ a performance by Chiara Frigo‚ winner of the GD’A Veneto ’08 best young choreographer award.
It will be followed by “YY” by Aldo Torta and Stefano Botti of the Turinese company Tecnologia Filosofica.
In conclusion‚ the work “Untitled#425” by Luca Nava / Le-gami Company (from Bologna)‚ inspired by the works of the American artist Cindy Sherman.

On May 21st‚ two choreographies will be performed at the Laundry building at Certosa Reale in Collegno‚ (this new space will be managed by Loredana Furno‚ director of the “Turin Ballet Theatre”).
First will be the show that won the Equilibrio−Rome ’08 Award: “Luogo Comune−Pausa Paradiso” by Samuele Cardini and Marina Giovannini. Utilizing different places‚ Samuele Cardini and Marina Giovannini start from a “common place”‚ as imaginary as it is physical‚ to reach the discovery of a place inhabited by gestures and pauses‚ a place that’s balancing between opposites.
It will be followed by Simona Bertozzi‚ (from Bologna)‚ winner of the GD’A ’07 Award‚ with “Terrestre”‚ a work created for the important international project Choreoroam/The Place (G.B.) and winner of the competition “Residenza Fondo Fare Anticorpi”‚ in collaboration with React!‚ Artistic Residencies‚ which will be followed by a new creation by Turinese Ambra Senatore‚ this year’s winner of the ’09 Equilibrio Award.

After a brief pause‚ the Interplay Festival/09 will recommence‚ once again in Turin‚ but in a different place this time: the last performances will be held in the space in the Manica Corta (Short Wing) of the Cavallerizza Reale (Royal Stables)‚ in via Verdi 9‚ always at 9 p.m.

On May 25th there will be the national debut of the French choreographer Gilles Verièpe performing “Zoet”‚ a fresh lively piece with the naturalness and careful attention for details that always marks Verièpe’s works. Begoña Garcia’s universe of sound and light enriches the dance of the performers with new perceptions.
Following that will be the young Swiss choreographer‚ Laurence Yadi accompanied by the live music of Nicolas Cantillon in “On Stage”‚ a brief but intense piece‚ connoted by extreme movements of constant intensity. The young performers‚ with backing from the city of Geneva‚ have participated in numerous important European festivals.

On May 26thMichele Di Stefano’s independent group from Rome‚ MK‚ will make a return appearance in Interplay‚ this time with “Comfort”‚ a “geographical” show that crosses through unmapped territories‚ investigating space and time in the search for a solution to the sense of the body’s belonging “outside of itself”. Michele Di Stefano was the winner in 2000 of the Danza&Danza Award for contemporary dance. “Comfort” made its debut at the Palladium on May 8‚ 2008 and was chosen for the IX Indonesian Dance Festival in Jakarta and the Sparks Festival of Electronic Art in Minneapolis. MK is one of the five international companies figuring in the book “Corpo sottile− uno sguardo sulla nuova coreografia europea” (Thin Bodies – a look at new European choreography) (UbuLibri‚ Milano 03).
Following that will be the Canadian company of Mélanie Demers with the show “Les Angles Morts”‚ with the diversely−able composer and dancer‚ Jacques Poulin Denis. The production is supported by the Conseil des Arts du Canada‚ and by the Consell des Arts et des Lettres del Quebec. The company has been able to take advantage of creative residencies in Belgium and the Usa and went on tour in various countries including Japan‚ USA‚ France and South Africa. Thanks to a residency in Nairobi‚ Mélanie Demers is reconsidering her approach to dance‚ based on the role that it plays in society.

The Festival will conclude on the evening of May 27th‚ with Kinkaleri‚ the company from Florence making its return to Interplay and this time presenting “The Hungry March Show − Yes‚ Sir!”‚ in which it continues its course of research among the twists and turns of choreography. As in its previous works‚ it utlizes improvization‚ which in this case is not the main element of the event‚ but rather‚ an active scenic practice and stratagem for infusing the performance with a necessary vitality. The company was the winner of the 2002 UBU Award.
The final work presented will be one on the theme of Hamlet by the German choreographer Katja Wachter‚ winner of many awards for choreography: in 1998‚ the International Choreographers’ Competition in Hannover; the best performer’s award at the Kalisz Dance Festival in Poland in 2005 and again in 2005‚ the International Solo − Dance − Theatre Competition in Stuttgart.