Workshop for a critical spectator:
dialogues‚ visions‚ reviews

Organized by Altre Velocità Association
In collaboration with the CRUD – Centro Regionale Universitario per la danza Bella Hutter
directed by Alessandro Pontremoli

25/26/27 may 2009
space > Università di Torino
Via Sant’Ottavio‚ 20 – Torino
5/7 p.m.


The criticism writing workshop‚ presented and conducted by the Altre Velocità Association with support from the CRUD – University’ Regional Dance Center‚ is addressed University of Turin students who are following the course of study for their degree in the performing arts field.

The workshop proposes to mediate encounters of contemporary dance languages with the audience‚ promoting an active fruition of the events‚ inviting the students to cultivate their own role as critical spectators and conscious actors within the culture of their own time.
Writing is applied as a tool with which to compare and develop one’s own critical thoughts‚ and to explore kinds of journalistic writing. The editorial staff will make comparisons of the artists by means of news articles‚ interviews‚ reviews and in depth studies to stimulate reflection upon the shows presented in the festival‚ leading to the realization that participation at a festival is also a moment of gathering and comparison between the individual and the community.
The contents of the workshop center around the analysis of the context of contemporary dance‚ the presentation of the curriculums and poetics of the companies hosted by the festival‚ the watching of performances‚ debates‚ the elaboration of contents and editorial activities such as practicing journalism techniques and experimenting with analytical and divulgative approaches ranging from commentary to criticism.
There will also be a two−hour seminar conducted by a guest teacher for deeper insight into theoretical aspects and a contextualization of experimental artistic languages. Articles and studies produced will be published online on a blog‚ open to users outside the editorial staff‚ available at the portal of a local newspaper. The initiative may be found on the Mosaico Association’s web−site ‚ and on

Altre Velocità Cultural Association is a group fo young observers and critics of the performing arts‚ committed to aiding the social structure of relations between the arts and contemporary society and to render the spectator a participant in the innovations and reflections of the artistic culture of our time‚ with particular attention given to emerging artists and the international context.
Altre Velocità works as an “intermittent” editorial staff through specific formations for festivals‚ events and season programs‚ by further studies on printed matter or the web‚ from criticism writing workshops to seminars and encounters which are occasions for confrontation between the spectators‚ and the artists and operators in this field.