Gilles Verièpe

Gilles Verièpe (Francia)

by Gilles Verièpe
dancers Emmanuel Eggermont‚ Waldemar Krechkovskyy‚ Tuomas Lathi‚ David Lerat‚ Sylvain Rembert
lighting Begoña Garcia
lighting assistant Paul Zandbelt
costumes Magalie Broc Norris
music Beethoven‚ sinfonia Nº 7‚ eseguita da Raphael Kubelik
supported by Conseil Régional Nord Pas−de−Calais‚ Conseil Général Pas−de−Calais‚ Dunkerque‚ M.A.C. de Sallaumines and Biennale Val de marne

Monday May 25th
9 p.m.
space > Cavallerizza Reale‚ Manica Corta
Via G.Verdi‚ 9 − Torino

National Debut

Zoet‚ which in Flemish means sweet‚ is a male quintet to Beethoven’s 7th Symphony and is Gilles Verièpe’s tenth creation.
It’s a fresh spontaneous piece‚ a joyful dance for five male dancers full of jumps and falls and hand−hand−hand confrontations. What is represented is a dreamlike universe that enchants‚ and revives us‚ filling us with joy − a world where everything is allowed.
The performance was presented on December 1−2‚ 2006 at the Centre Culturel d’Agglomèration Daniel Balavoine d’Arques‚ January 30 – 31‚ 2007 at the Gymnase‚ Le Gymnase CDC CDC/Roubaix and on March 1‚ 2007 at the Rencontres Choréographiques de Carthage in Tunisia.

Gilles Verèpe received his diploma from the Conservatoire Nationale Supérieur de Musique et de Danse of Paris in 1991.
He has danced choreographies by Maguy Marin‚ Dominique Bagouet and Claude Brumachon‚ and has been a member of the Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen and the Centre Chorégraphique. National d’Aix en Provenne.
He currently teaches at the Centre Chorégraphique National Carolyn Carlson in Roubaix‚ at the Balleteatro in Porto (in Portugal))‚ and at the CNSM in Lyons. In 2000‚ he founded the Gilles Veriepe Company in Dunkerque‚ with which he has created‚ among others‚ the choreographies “Kippec”‚ “Mambo”‚ “Zich” and the female trio “Spinning”.