Katja Wachter

Hamlet for Two – Hamlet fort wo
Katja Wachter (Germania)

by Katja Wachter
with e coreografia Katrin Schafitel‚ Katja Wachter
costumes Evelyn Straulino
visual Jan Wachter
lighting Karl Schlagenhaufer

Wednesday May 27th
9 p.m.
space > Cavallerizza Reale‚ Manica Corta
Via G. Verdi‚ 9 − Torino

National Debut

This best−known of all theatrical characters is the starting point and field of experimentation for two dancers whose intentions are that of furnishing a complete vision of this figure. Today Hamlet presents himself in thousands of versions depending on the reader/observer’s point of view: he doesn’t exist as a single character‚ but is continuously being re−invented through multitudes of interpretations‚ translations‚ adaptations and elaborations.
The choreographer’s job is to concentrate on the human condition in all its myriad forms and situations. The performers are not dancing machines but rather‚ they deliberately show their individuality‚ with differing bodies and characteristics.

La Katja Wachter studied at the London Contemporary Dance School and founded her own company‚ “Selfish Shellfish”‚ in Munich in 1995. Her choreographies have been presented at festivals and events in Europa‚ Russia‚ Canada‚ Korea‚ Brazil‚ Mexico and the U.S.A..
She was conferred with an award from the Staatliche Förderungspreis für junge Künstler in 1997‚ won the first prize at the International Choreographer’s Competition in Hannover in 1998‚ won the award as best performer at the 2005 Dance Festival Kalisz in Poland and won the International Solo−Dance−Theatre competition in Stuttgart.
She has choreographed shows for Malashock Dance & Company‚ in San Diego (1998)‚ for the Bavarian State Ballet (2000)‚ the Kipling Dance Company‚ and for the Jigu Dance Theatre of Seoul.
“Night jumps” (with the Kipling Dance Company) was nominated for the Russian Theatre Prize “Golden mask” in 2003.