Yadi - On Stage

On Stage
Laurence Yadi‚ Nicolas Cantillon – 7273 Company (Ginevra)

by Laurence Yadi e Nicolas Cantillon
with Laurence Yadi
live music by Vincent Bertholet
produced by Compagnie 7273 (Swiss France)
In collaboration with ADC‚ Geneva (Association pour la Danse Contemporaine) Alexandre Joly‚
Daniel Demont‚ La Maison des Arts du Grutli‚ Geneva for Working Spaces

Monday May 25th
9 p.m.
space > Cavallerizza Reale‚ Manica Corta
Via G.Verdi‚ 9 − Torino

Prima Nazionale

This intensely emotional solo choreography‚ lasting just 12 minutes‚ stems from the previous solo Climax‚ and marks a break from destructured choreography towards a definitely more comprehensible and intelligible kind.
Laurence Yadi’s dancing involves a ceaseless flow and is subject to an accelleration‚ a sort of explosion of wild movement.

Company 7273 was created by Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon and has produced six choreographies: “Laï‚ Laï‚ Laï” (2008)‚ “En concert” (2007)‚ “On stage” (2007)‚ “Climax” (2006)‚ “Simple proposition” (2004)‚ “La vision du lapin” (2003).
In 2003‚ Yadi and Cantillon were invited by Rui Horta to participate in the project “Colina” (Portugal) where they met Julia Sermento‚ with whom they collaborated on a video project. In 2005‚ the company produced the short film “Durée déterminée”.
Nel 2003 Yadi e Cantillon sono invitati da Rui Horta a partecipare al progetto Colina (Portogallo) dove conoscono Julia Sermento con la quale avvieranno una collaborazione per un progetto video. Nel 2005 la compagnia produce il cortometraggio “Durée déterminée”.

Laurence Yadi He studied dance in New York at the Alvin Ailey Center. He danced for three year with the Ballet J.Art in Paris. In 2000‚ he worked as assistant choreographer for Rui Horta and began a series of collaborations in Switzerland‚ including those with Guilherme Bothelho‚ Kylie Walters and Gisela Rocha.

Nicolas Cantillon A singer and guitarist‚ he began to study dance at the Marius Petipa Accademy. In 1999‚ Andy Degroat hired him for Bob Wilson’s production of “The Magic Flute”. He has worked for three years with the company “Alias” in Geneva‚ and simultaneously collaborates with Gisela Rocha in Zurich‚ Kylie Waltres in Geneva and Marisa Von Stockert in London.