Elisabetta Consonni e Enrica Magnolini

Elisabetta Consonni e Enrica Magnolini (Olanda⁄Italia)

by Elisabetta Consonni and Enrica Magnolini
choreography and drama Elisabetta Consonni
video Enrica Magnolini
music Thanos Stamoulis
composition and editing Splendido Splendente by D. Rettore
and Maquillage by Vive la Fete
costumes Drera Patrizia
texts edited by E. Consonni drawn from “Faboulous Nobodies”
by Lee Tulloch and “About my mother” by P. Almodovar

Monday May 18th
from 7.30 p.m. to midnight
space > Vittoria Theatre‚ Via Gramsci 4 − Torino

National Debut

Through the witty use of kitsch objects from the 80s‚ the theme of manipulation the body and “image” is explored. Simple examples of this social phenomenon are make−up and clothes. Not only are both of these ways of taking care of oneself‚ but they are also an unconscious strategy to give our own identity an image.
What one is moved to ask is: behind this manipulated body treated like something for sale and constantly modified so as to heed the dictates of society‚ does a natural intimate dimension of the body exist? Where does it reside?
“Maquillages” (2007) was presented at the Mayday Festival in Antwerp and at De New Vorst Theatre in Tilburg.

Elisabetta Consonni‚ choreographer‚ dancer and teacher‚ she studied at the London Contemporary Dance‚ and successively in Holland.
She is currently attending a course of Vocal Movement and Voice Movement Integration with Patricia Bardi and is a teacher for the Dattah Dance Company in Holland. She has danced in “What did you do when you couldn’t save the world” (2008) by R.Vilhena and in “C−Project” (2008) by Thomas Kortvelyessy.

Enrica Magnolini‚ photographer and film−maker‚ she has been chosen for various competitions including Il Male e Il Sacro (Evil and Sacred)‚ at the S. Fedele gallery in Milan and Occhi di Scena (Eyes on the scene)‚ where she was selected for a photographic project regarding the show “Ballo Individuale in Circostanze Ristrette” (Solo dance in tight circumstances) for the school of the company Societas Raffaello Sanzio. She has exhibitted her work in one−man and group shows‚ including one with the painter Daniele Lucetti. Since 2003‚ she has been interested in the dance world.