Iris Erez

Iris Erez (Israele)

by and with Iris Erez
music Hanayo
music editing Jeremy Berenheim

Monday May 18th
from 7.30 p.m. to midnight
space > Vittoria Theatre‚ Via Gramsci 4 − Torino

Regional Debut

A female dancer‚ in her own private space‚ tries to capture time through the staging of the destruction – reconstruction paradox she embodies.

Iris Erez Born in 1971‚ she has worked freelance since 1993‚ collaborating with such artists as Anat Danieli‚ Ronit Ziv‚ Inbal Pinto‚ Lara Barsacq‚ Uri Ivgi‚ and for the last 8 years‚ with Yasmeen Godder. In 2001‚ she won the Israeli Minister of Culture Prize as the best performer and in 2003‚ the Israeli Minister of Culture Prize for the best group.
In 2003‚ she created the solo “Protection Formula” for Intimadance Festival and collaborated with the director Benjamin Friedenberg on creating the video “Rehearsal” presented at the Vdance Festival in Tel Aviv‚ 2007.
In 2006‚ she was a member of the multi−media group that created the performance “Love Soup”‚ presented at the Israel Festival. In 2007‚ she created “Temporary” for the Operaestate Festival in Bassano and “Canova Project”‚ commissioned by the Canova Museum in Possagno.
In 2008‚ she created “It‚s not personal” for the Zira Machol Festival in Jerusalem and “Kept” for the Muza School for Dance in Tel Aviv. She was also on the jury for the Vdance Festival in Tel Aviv.

Furthermore‚ she received diplomas in Dance Therapy and Psychology and the Arts. Currently‚ she teaches release technique and improvisation and is working in the production of “Macbeth” produced by Tmuna Theatre and on a project for a solo in collaboration with the choreographer Arkadi Zaides.