Untitled #425
un improbabile girotondo

Le–gami (Bologna)

by Luca Nava
with Francesca Burzacchini‚ Elisa Mucchi‚ Laura Ulisse
sound Mirko Fabbri
lighting Paolo Liaci
video Giuseppe Mercurio
production Le–gami
co–production with the City of Bologna / Culture and University Relations Sector
with thanks to TPO Bologna

Wednesday May 20th
9 p.m.
space > Astra Theatre‚ Via Rosolino Pilo 6 − Torino

Regional Debut

Serata Anticorpi Explò
tracce di giovane danza d’autore
some choreographers selected from
Vetrina Anticorpi – Ravenna 2008

The idea sprang from a work by the American artist Cindy Sherman‚ “Untitled #425”‚ a digital photograph portraying Sherman herself in four different images dressed as a clown: three are close−ups of a laughing face‚ whereas in the fourth‚ the clown’s entire figure appears in the very background among them.
Taking off from these considerations‚ he works around a possibility of group dynamics‚ specifically of the trio‚ involved in a continuous series of encounters and exclusions‚ complicity and abandonment.
The choral action counterpoints that of the individual‚ from time to time underlining the sense of belonging and diversity‚ sharing and isolation.

Luca Nava studied contemporary dance in Bologna‚ the United States (at the University of California in San Diego and in New York) and in Venice (Accademia Isola Danza / Carolyn Carlson).
He has danced with Nina Martin‚ Randè Dorn‚ Teri Weikel‚ Carolyn Carlson‚ Michele Abbondanza − Antonella Bertoni‚ Ron Howell and Monica Francia. Since 2002‚ he has been part of the project on the Tragedia Endogonidia of Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (episodes at Avignon‚ Brussels‚ Bergen‚ Paris and Rome).
In 2004‚ he founded Le−gami‚ for which he created “Separation” and “SP.3”.The company has presented his work in international and international contexts‚ including Danae (Milan)‚ Fabbrica Europa (Florence)‚ Danza Urbana (Bologna)‚ Ammutinamenti (Ravenna)‚ Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona)‚ Tunel Festival (Istanbul)‚ The Last (Siracusa)‚ Mes de Danza (Sevilla and Cadìz)‚ Dance Days (Swansea‚ U.K.)‚ and the Festival of Santarcangelo (Santarcangelo di Romagna‚ Rn).