Aviv Eveguy

Aviv Eveguy (Israele)

by Aviv Eveguy
dancers Alex Shmurak‚ Limor Melamed‚ Aviv Eveguy
music Ori Drumer
costumes Liat Ben Shoshan
lighting Yair Vardi
performance presented at the Festival Curtain Up in 2007
supported by Ministry Cultural Affairs–Dance Division
The Israel coreographers Society
Israel Lottery Council for the Arts
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Tuesday May 19th
9 p.m. to midnight
space > Astra Theatre‚ Via Rosolino Pilo 6 − Torino

National Debut

Three people.
A man and two women meet in an unfamiliar closed space where a dialogue of intense repressed emotions and movements develops. With exaggeratedly abstract and everyday gestures‚ in continuous movement‚ the three of them overcome their ambivalence and are drawn to the extremes of love of life and desperation‚ strength and compliancy‚ closure and availibility.

Aviv Eve Guy‚ choreographer and dancer who graduated from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York‚ lives and works in Jerusalem‚ where he received his diploma from the “Jerusalem Dance Studio” directed by Tamara Mielnik in 1993. He has presented his works in Berlin‚ Shanghai‚ Latvia and Israel‚ in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
From 2000 to 2003 he danced with the Vertigo Dance Company. He has also collborated with many independent Israeli artists‚ among whom lanit Tadmor and Ronit Ziv.
He presented his first work as a choreographer at the Dance Space in New York with the brief duet “Surviving”. In 2004‚ he won the Bat−Yam International Street Theatre Festival (Israel) with the dance theatre piece “He’s my brother”.
In 2006‚ he received an award from the American Israel Culture Foundation for his work “Room of thoughts”‚ created with the choreographer Maya Brinner and the video−artist Ido Cohen−Alloro.
His other works include: “Solitude” – presented in New York‚ “Flat performances” – 2004‚ “Nafsha” – 2007‚ created for the Hazira Theatre in Jerusalem.