Gruppo S.A.N.

P. P−P. 4.2 Plastic Play−Pen 4.2
Un esperimento tra il dentro e il fuori

Gruppo S.A.N. (Genova)

by Olivia Giovannini‚ Daniela Cecchi‚ Agnese Seminara
with Olivia Giovannini

Monday May 18th
at 19.30
place > Performance inside Vittoria Theatre‚ Via Gramsci 4 − Torino

Regional Debut

The performer wears a plastic coat and an I−pod ear−piece and is motionless. The I−Pod is the motor. A passer−by can choose to put on the I−Pod ear−piece and cross a threshold‚ creating a space that’s shared with the performer. After reading the instructions‚ the passer−by can activate the I−Pod which starts up the performer’s actions‚ of an already determined score.
Performer and passer−by are bound by a thread which is the sharing of the moment‚ of a secret. Whoever remains outside lives out another experience‚ only able to watch them: the lack of sound creates a difference of significance and fruition.

Olivia Giovannini − gruppo S.A.N.
The group S.A.N. (Olivia Giovannini‚ Simona Cova‚ Agnese Seminara) was created in Genoa in 2001‚ stemming from compostion research enriched by stimulus deriving from several fields of experimentation‚ and its current work is constantly experimenting with material regarding the body‚ sound‚ video and lighting‚ proposing works in the area of theatre‚ open projects and performances The Group has participated in many festivals and series including: Rassegna Genova Danza ’06‚ Showcase for Contemporary Dance Choreographers LAVORI IN PELLE 2006 (Alfonsine)‚ the National Contemporary Dance Festival VISIONI DI (P)ARTE – 2006‚ Bari‚ DIFFERENTI SENSAZIONI XIX – Biella‚ the series in Genoa‚ OSSERVATORIO 06 and the 4th International Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes CORPI URBANI/URBAN BODIES – 2006‚ Genoa.