In a landscape
Compagnia Stalk (Parma)

by and with Daniele Albanese
assistant Loredana Scianna‚ Maurizio Soliani
music by Maurizio Soliani
regional debut

Monday May 18th
Metropolitan Blitz from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

urban performance
space > urban area in the vicinity of Vittoria Theatre

This work unfolds by means of a particular structure and organization of space‚ movement and sound‚ and the geometrical use of the place where it happens.
It focuses upon some events and mechanisms of daily urban life that can provoke changes and alterations.
We have defined these mechanisms to be Wind‚ not in an atmospheric sense‚ but as the inducer and motor of changes and sound and physical dynamics.
Like atmospheric Wind‚ also in this case‚ what acts is invisible; appearance‚ physically and sonorously‚ is the result of a passage in an urban landscape.

Daniele Albanese received his diploma from the European Dance Development Centre Arnhem (Holland) in 1997. He has studied with Steve Paxton‚ Eva Karkzag‚ Lisa Kraus and Benoit Lachambre. He has been creating his own choreographies since 1995: “Black Work” “Grand Duet”‚ “Broken Lapsus”‚ “Organism”. He has danced with Peter Pleyer‚ Tony Thatcher‚ Charlotte Zerbey‚ Martin Butler‚ Jennifer Lacey‚ Nigel Charnock; in Italy with Company Blu‚ Ariella Vidah and Virgilio Sieni. He has particpated in many international festivals including the International Choreographic Competition−Groningen‚ Die Werkstatt−Dusseldorf‚ PS122−New York‚ Piccolo Teatro−Milan‚ Festival Sesc−S.Paulo (Brazil)‚ Fabbrica Europa−Florence and Danae−Milan. In 2006‚ thanks to an artistic residency at Pact−zollverein in Essen‚ Germany‚ he began to work on the project Tiqqun which he performed in December 2007 at the Nature of Theatres Festival (Lenz−Parma) and at the City Theatre in Ferrara (Anticorpi project). Since 2004‚ he has been working on the project “àrebours”‚ a study on the movement – senses – space – memory rapport in collaboration with the neurophysiologist‚ Elena Borra‚ presenting the study/improvisation “àrebours” (−2) and the show “àrebours100”‚ co−produced by CanGo and Fabbrica Europa. In 2008‚ he participated in the Interplay Festival with “Tiqqun−1ºstudy: “not even the lark sees the open”.