Compagnia MK (Roma)

by and with Philippe Barbut‚ Lorenzo Bianchi‚
Biagio Caravano‚ Michele Di Stefano and Cristina Rizzo
lighting Yannick Da Sousa Mendes
organization Anna Damiani
produced by ZTLpro⁄Angelo Mai‚ MK08
in collaboration with CanGo Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze
We wish to thank the Centro Enea for Refugees and Political Exiles in Roma

Tuesday May 26th
9 p.m.
space > Cavallerizza Reale‚ Manica Corta
Via G. Verdi‚ 9 − Torino

Regional Debut

Comfort Comfort is a “geographical” show that crosses through unmapped territories. Space is not acquired but is determined by instability. The path is organized according to decisions made one after another‚ in an exploratory condition. Its a show that investigates the feeling of belonging that the body looks for outside of itself‚ in its movements towards the external. The dance constructs the presence‚ allowing for adaption towards the outside world where other bodies and other projects are racing around. The start of each and every movement is a foundation and a collapse. The choreography explores time through a succession of enunciations and disappearances of the self in which the anatomical complexity becomes pure function. The choreography itself disappears and the show is what remains – approximately‚ the body.

MK is an independent group involved with performing‚ choreography and sound research.
The self−taught group’s project started developing in 1999‚ participating in many important new dance festivals with a work of an ambiguous radical research regarding the body. After several muwsical collaborations‚ hosting guest performers and the intricate network of experimental workshops contribute to the rapid shifting of the group’s objectives; today its interest is in constructing prototypes of extemporaneous habitats. In the end‚ the desire is to put a kind of show into act which leaves the ambivalence of all bodies intact.
Among recent productions figure: “Real Madrid” and “Funzione” for the Festival of Santarcangelo‚ “Tourism”‚ commissioned by the 2006 Dance Biennial‚ “Wasted – instructions for a world waiting to become a finished product” for FISCo 08 and the new production “Comfort”. “Comfort” premiered at the Palladium in Rome in May 2008 and was chosen for the IX Indonesian Dance Festival in Jakarta and the Sparks Festival of Electronic Art in Minneapolis.
MK is one of the five international companies featured in the book “Corpo sottile. Uno sguardo sulla nuova coreografia europea” (Thin Body. A look at new European choreography) (UbuLibri‚ Milano 03).