Tardito / Rendina

Oh Heaven (Il Paradiso Possibile)
versione per vetrina

Compagnia Tardito/Rendina (Torino)

by and with Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina

Monday May 18th
Metropolitan Blitz from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

urban performance
space > urban area in the vicinity of Vittoria Theatre

Willing to abandon the trail of the ordinary‚ we head towards the Possible Paradise‚ that “place” where sometimes the boundary between good and evil dissolves like a slipknot.

Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina both have a background of theatre and contemporary dance experiences. In the past‚ they worked mainly with the choreographers Georges Appaix‚ Anna Sagna (Sutki)‚ Claude Coldy‚ Roberto Castello‚ Giorgio Rossi and Raffaella Giordano (Sosta Palmizi)‚ with whom they still collaborate. Finding they had many thing in common‚ they founded the Tardito/Rendina Company‚ for the pleasure of following the paths of comedy‚ in all its various forms.
Among their most important works are "Gonzago’s Rose"‚ with support from the Sosta Palmizi Association and “Circhio Lume”‚ a co−production by Torinodanza and Drodesera.
At the present‚ they are working on the show “Oh heaven” (Il paradiso possibile)‚ sponsored by Tracce di Teatro d’Autore‚ Sosta Palmizi Association‚ Volterrateatro‚ Piedmont Region and Kado Association.
Some of the festivals and series where the Comapnay has performed include: Volterra Theatre‚ Drodesera‚ Torinodanza‚ Avignone Off‚ Musicalarue‚ Teatri 90‚ Fabbrica Europa‚ Armunia‚ Addadanza‚ Tracce‚ Kismet and Koreja. Alongside performing‚ the Company conducts didactic activities aimed at furthering and transmitting the pleasure of viewing ourselves dramatically and surprising ourselves as ridiculous.