ALDES - Scene da un matrimonio

Helen Cerina (Marche/Piemonte)

by and with Helen Cerina

Monday May 18th
from 7.30 p.m. to midnight
space > Vittoria Theatre‚ Via Gramsci 4 − Torino

Regional Debut

A performance imbued with empathy and dark humor‚ centered around the seemingly dangerous acrobatics of a scantily−clad girl inside of a box. After she falls‚ the very long pause that follows makes the audience uneasy. Was what just happened intentional? And thus‚ the spectatotors also become witnesses.
This solo was presented in 2008 at the Anticorpi XL Showcase in Ravenna‚ at the Elan Frantoio (Olive Mill) in Fucecchio and at the SzoloDuo Festival in Budapest (Hungary) and in 2007 at Siobhan Davies Studio in London and at Studio Theatre‚ Trinity Laban (London).

Helen Cerina received a diploma in the Applied Arts – Film animation. From 2004 to 2007‚ she studied dance in London at the Trinity Laban Dance Theatre. She began to choreograph in 2005 with “Metamorte” (Half−dead) and “No curtains to close‚ No eyes to shut” (2006) presented at Bonniebird Theatre‚ Trinity Laban‚ London. Her successive works include “Geometry of Aquatics”‚ “C Like me” and “On Te Saggitalis”.
Her many collaborations include “Meno però più” (Less but More) in 2004 with choreography by Valeria Bin (Societas Raffaello Sanzio)‚ “In media”‚ (On the average) made with the visual artist Sophia Kosmaoglou (June 10‚ 2005‚ APT Gallery‚ London‚ UK)‚ “Perfect Sunday”.‚ the music video of Birgir Orn Steinarso‚ directed by Freymar Orbergsson (March 2007‚ London‚ UK)‚ and “Event at the Tate Modern” by Mathieu Briand and Prue Lang‚ presented in May 2007 at the Tate Modern in London‚ UK.
She has also collaborated with Maciek Kuzminsky‚ Alice Mc Kenzy‚ Caroline Deby and the visual artist Anton Nikolatov.
Currently‚ she conducts theatre and dance workshops for elementary and middle−school children‚ and children’s recreational activities for associations such as ASAI‚ the Interculture Association of Turin.