ALDES - Scene da un matrimonio

Scene da un matrimonio
ALDES Company

directed by Roberto Castello (Tuscany)
with Roberto Castello‚ Alessandra Moretti‚ Mariano Nieddu
music AAVV
costumes Aldes
organization Sara Panattoni
production Aldes
with support from the MiBAC – Ministry of Fine Arts and Cultural Activities/Performing Arts Dept
Region of Tuscany / Regional Performing Arts System
Regional Debut

Monday May 18th
Metropolitan Blitz from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

place > bus stop‚ line 12‚
on the corner of XX settembre Street and Arcivescovado Street
and urban area in the vicinity of Vittoria Theatre‚
Amendola Street

The work is structured into brief separate scenes‚ sorts of carillons or mechanical crèches alluding to an open‚ playful polysemiotic narration: simple recombinations of space‚ time and dynamics created among the characters. The protagonists are a bride dressed in white‚ a groom and a third person. The show springs from an idea of developing a work around these characters that would be suitable for urban spaces.

Aldes came into being in 1993 under the direction of Roberto Castello. It produces and promotes experimental choreographic works‚ with particular attention given toward forms that step over the borders of dance‚ touching upon the visual arts and new technologies: and also creates shows‚ installations‚ performances‚ events and videos exploring the concepts of the body and of movement and their representation.
The Company’s projects are characterized by special attention given to the relationship between the choreographic action and the audience‚ and thus‚ to all those forms fo contemporary dance considered unconventional‚ like performances expressly conceived for unconventional spaces‚ such as urban locations or exhibition spaces.
It has also explored the field of new technologies‚ leading the Company to specialize in making virtual choreographies‚ emblematic of which is the multi−media project “The Adventures of Signor Quixana”‚ created in collaboration with Paolo Atzori and Bruno Stori‚ which received the “Danza & Danza” award as the best contemporary dance show in the 1999−2000 season‚ and which was included in the ETI project – The Spectator’s Time”.
Aldes received another important conferment in 2003 when it was awarded the UBU Prize – Theatre−Dance section− for the project “The Best Possible Worlds (2002/2008)‚ offering a look at nowadays and the perception of time.