Cardini / Giovannini

Pausa Paradiso
Samuele Cardini‚ Marina Giovannini (Firenze)

by Samuele Cardini‚ Marina Giovannini
with Leone Barilli‚ Samuele Cardini‚ Martina Gregori‚ Marina Giovannini
lighting Paolo Pollo Rodighiero
sound design Samuele Cardini‚ Marina Giovannini
optimization and collaboration Skuamo
communication Francesca d’Apolito
production Fondazione Musica per Roma‚ CAB 008
Award winner of the Premio Equilibrio Roma 2008

Thursday May 21st
8.30 p.m.
space > Lavanderia a Vapore
Certosa di Collegno
on the corner of Pastrengo and Via Tampellini
Collegno (To)

Regional Debut

Full. Empty. Five movements and a constant duality: full−empty‚ female−male‚ shape–substance‚ light−shadow. The elements of the double encountered in place as imaginary or real as a sunrise in Tokyo during a sunset in Rome.
A reflection upon the beginning and the end‚ emblem of male and female.
Four dancers in movement are driven to look for the missing link− bridge between opposites‚ a pause: the perfect conjunction of inside and outside‚ of the material and the spirit.

Samuele Cardini Dancer‚ choreographer and teacher. In 1997‚ he joined the young company Opus Ballet‚ where he collaborated with Fabrizio Monteverdi and Patrick King.
In 1999‚ he became a stable member of the Virgilio Sieni Company‚ with which he also collaborated as choreographer on works including “Empty Space‚ Requiem”‚ winner of the Ubu 2004 award.
Since 2000‚ he has undertaken a personal choreographic path‚ collaborating with some young Italian companies‚ creating works including: May Day‚ May Day‚ Veleno Sterile (Sterile Poison)‚ Perpetuo‚ Alcune Mie Cosette (Some things of mine).
In 2007‚ he was awarded the residency HOME07‚ organized by and Steptext‚ for the project “Me Myself & I”. The same year‚ he collaborated with dancer and choreographer Marina Giovannini on exploring their own choreographic language‚ and with the project “Studi per Luogo Comune” (Studies for a common place) they won the “Premio Equilibrio Roma 2008” award. Since 2008‚ he has begun a collaboration as a dancer with Fabrizio Favale’s company Le Supplici.

Marina Giovannini In 1988‚ she won a scholarship for the lVth specialization course at the Romolo Valli Theatre in Reggio Emilia. The following year‚ she joined the Ballet of Tuscany where she interpreted Neo−Classical and contemporary choreographic creations‚ and participated in the RAI television’s musical film “La Luna Incantata” (The enchanted moon) (Palmares at Cannes 1992). In 1992‚ she began a lengthy collaboration with the Virgilio Sieni Company as a company dancer for opera productions at Teatro San Carlo in Naples‚ Teatro Massimo in Palermo‚ Teatro Alla Scala in Milan and she helped conceive the work “Empty Space‚ Requiem”. Since 2006‚ she has collaborated with dancer and choreographer Fabrizio Favale on the project Mahabharata and with Letizia Renzini regarding the area of visual arts and performance. She has created and interpreted choreographies for “La Bambola di Carne” (The Doll of Flesh)‚ by L. Renzini‚ a production for the Biennaledanza in Venice‚ 2008. In 2007‚ she began a work of comparison and creation with dancer−choreographer Samuele Cardini; with the project “Studi per Luogo Comune” (“Premio Equilibrio Roma 2008” award−winner) they shared the elaboration of an analogous choreographic language.