Chiara Frigo

Takeya. Female Version
Chiara Frigo (Verona)

by and with Chiara Frigo
sound design Mauro Casappa
music Random Inc‚ Alva Noto
lighting Leonardo Benetollo
selected of the GD’A Veneto

Wednesday May 20th
9 p.m.
space > Astra Theatre‚ Via Rosolino Pilo 6 − Torino

Regional Debut

Serata Anticorpi Explò
tracce di giovane danza d’autore
some choreographers selected from
Vetrina Anticorpi – Ravenna 2008

“Takeya” is work about speed.
A person sitting‚ for a long time‚ whose breathing settles‚ maturing‚ and detaching from all impatience. What is interesting is the rapport between physical speed and mental speed‚ rendered through expansion and accelleration‚ allowing for the impression that even an extremely brief interval can contain broad evolution.
All the action takes place within a few meters‚ a compressed space in which the event occurs with no need to move. It’s a phenomeno of inertia.‚ a game that shatters the irreversibility of time.

Chiara Frigo‚ a choreographer and performer born in Verona in 1975‚ has studied and worked both in Italy and abroad‚ collaborating with Ersiliadanza‚ Naturalis Labor and AltroTeatro.
She performed in “Ring” by Felix Ruckert presented at the Biennial in Venice − Body and Eros.
She pursued her interest in the performing arts with a residency at the Inteatro Festival Accademy Polverigi‚ where she created the video “Constance Graving” in collaboration with the Big Art Group (New York). In 2006‚ she collaborated as a videomaker for the webgallery of the Viennale Cinema in Vienna.
Her previous work‚ “Corpo in DoppiaElica”‚ won third prize at the 10th Festival of Choreographers’ Miniatures in Belgrade.