Tecnologia Filosofica

Compagnia Tecnologia Filosofica

by and with Aldo Torta and Stefano Botti
lighting Cristian Perria

Wednesday May 20th
9 p.m.
space > Astra Theatre‚ Via Rosolino Pilo 6 − Torino

Included in the Inside/off Program

Serata Anticorpi Explò
tracce di giovane danza d’autore
some choreographers selected from
Vetrina Anticorpi – Ravenna 2008

Dancers from Turin Aldo Torta and Stefano Botti present “YY”‚ a reflection upon habits‚ through the repetition of gestures that recall ordinary practices in our daily lives.

Aldo Torta‚ following an eclectic formative background‚ he received his diploma as a teacher of “Danse Sensible”‚ conceived and conducted by C.Coldy in collaboration with J.L.Dupuis and M.Guyon (Osteopaths and directors). Since 2000‚ he has been a member of “Tecnologia Filosofica” (Philosophical Technology) a theatre−dance company that produces and organizes cultural events with social topics: (“Nunca Mas” in 2000‚ “Basura” in 2002‚ “Popoli”(Populations) in 2003‚ “Comuni Marziani”(Ordinary Martians) in 2006). He has worked with the following professional dance companies: Tersicore Theatre Dance Company (R.Poitier) − Brindisi 1991/92‚ Teatro Nuovo (L.Massine‚ L.Cannito‚ A.Hartel‚ L.Kemp) − Turin 1997/99‚ F.S.Fuori Scena (G.Garrapa) − Turin 1999‚ Balletto Regionale Pugliese (S.Sufflujan‚ R.Poitier) − Lecce 1993‚ Balletto Italia (C.Perotti) − Turin 1999/00‚ EgriBiancoDanza (R.Bianco) − Turin 2000/01‚ L’ILOBA (A.Bentley) − Turin 2001/02‚ Tecnologia Filosofica − Turin 2000/07.

Stefano Botti‚ his studies range from theatre (Experimental Avant−garde‚ Children’s Theatre‚ Physical Theatre‚ J.Lecoq method‚ clown) to dance (Contemporary‚ Theatre−Dance and Contact‚ Ballet‚ Danse Sensible) to yoga. He has worked with the theatre companies Teatro dell’Angolo‚ Stilema and UnoTeatro‚ with A.C.T.I‚ and with the actors M. Secco and R.Caporossi.