Bertozzi / Briguglio

Simona Bertozzi and Marcello Briguglio (Bologna)

project by Simona Bertozzi e Marcello Briguglio
choreographer and dancer Simona Bertozzi
music and sound Roberto Passuti
lighting Roberto Passuti
scenery Simona Bertozzi‚ Marcello Briguglio‚ Ilaria Barelli
costumes Simona Bertozzi‚ Marcello Briguglio‚ Ilaria Barelli
with support from the City of Bologna/Culture Sector
In collaboration with AMAT and Civitanova Danza for Civitanova Casa della Danza

Thursday May 21st
8.30 p.m.
space > Lavanderia a Vapore
Certosa di Collegno
on the corner of Pastrengo and Via Tampellini
Collegno (To)

Regional Debut

Terrestre is a figure caught in the act of recomposition−evolution‚ reminiscence and alienation. In the beginning‚ the body is incomplete‚ unstable‚ awkward and biologically forced into a mechanical reaction. Then‚ the body reappears as complete‚ “already−made” and significant as to emotional and experiential substance. The final act is a condition of synthesis.
This work was made possible by the International Project Choreoroam‚ sponsored by: the British Council /The place‚ Operaestate Festival/Veneto‚ Dansateliers/Rotterdam. It won the residency of Fondo Fare Anticorpi 2008 (in collaboratiion with react! Creative Multi−disciplinary Artistic Residencies).

Simona Bertozzi As a child‚ she studied rhythmic gymnastics and ballet‚ and then went on to specialize in contemporary dance‚ working with Nicola Laudati (Bologna) and Tomas Aragay (Barcelona). Since 2005‚ she has danced with the Virgilio Sieni Company (Mi Difenderò‚ Un Respiro‚ Sonate Bach‚ Signorine‚ Tregua...).
In 2004‚ she made her debut as a choreographer with her first solo study: Red Jacket‚ followed by L’Endroit (2006) and L’Endroit 2‚ presented in January 2007 at the Aerowaves Festival at The Place Theatre (London) and successively at the festivals Le Gymnase CDC‚ Tanec Praga‚ Festival de la Citè in Lausanne‚ Interplay in Turin and Correjos em Movimento in Rio de Janeiro. The choreography L’Endroit 2 won the GD’A 2006−07 Competition. In February 2008‚ she was a finalist for the award “Premio Equilibrio” at the Rome Auditorium‚ with her first study for Terrestre‚ a work included in the international project Choreoroam and sponsored by the Bassano Opera Festival‚ British Council and DAnsateliers Rotterdam. She is the winner of the Fondo Fare Anticorpi residency‚ in collaboration with react!‚ Creative Multi−disciplinary Artistic Residencies.
Since 2004‚ she has taught a contemporary dance course for students of the Department of Music and the Performing Arts (DAMS) at the University of Bologna. She is currently working on a new project (Homo Ludens− working title) that involves other dancers. The first study was presented in London (December 2008) at The Place Theatre‚ on the occasion of the conclusion of Choreoroam 2008.