Alessandro Sciarroni

Your Girl
Alessandro Sciarroni (San Benedetto del Tronto – AP)

by Alessandro Sciarroni
with Chiara Bersani and Matteo Ramponi
visual elements Elisa Orlandini

Tuesday May 19th
9 p.m. to midnight
space > Astra Theatre‚ Via Rosolino Pilo 6 − Torino

Regional Debut

Romance told through the eyes of a disabled girl‚ a Madame Bovary. Her Desire doesn’t drive her to search for the perfect body to love and possess: her Desire is the wish to be normal‚ she desires only what is ordinary and not what would be normal. The object of her desire‚ a handsome young man of sculpteresque physique‚ desires what the disabled girl desires: to feel. Emma Bovary does not kill herself‚ but remains emotionally suffocated in an impossible sort of souvenir photo‚ in an Italian pop song.
Chiara Bersani‚ in a finale that’s anti − contemporary‚ knowingly redeems herself from the physical condition that the genetic disease has forced upon her: she breathes next to Matteo Ramponi‚ creating a new situation. Along with her‚ what the audience has identified as the object of desire becomes her companion in the anti−tragic mechanism.

Alessandro Sciarroni is the artistic director of Corpoceleste_C.C.#00 (Celestial Bodies)‚ an artistic enterprise to produce theatrical shows and performances. In 2007‚ he participated as a finalist in the third edition of the International Performance Award (Dro‚ Trento) with the work “Your Girl”. In 2008‚ he won the award Premio Germogli 2008 and was among the six winners of “Nuove Sensibilità” with a study entitled “If I was Madonna” (the show will be produced in 2009 by the Teatro Stabile of Marche in collaboration with AMAT). From 1998 to 2006‚ he participated as an actor and performer in the major productions of the company Lenz Rifrazioni.
He has been praised by theatre critics in Italy and abroad as a senstitive protagonist in the new contemporary dance scene (Franco Quadri‚ Gianni Manzella‚ Valeria Ottolenghi).