Companies from 9 European countries and 3 ExtraEU countries will be hosted at the 12th edition of INTERPLAY International Contemporary Dance Festival‚ the crossroads of the most innovative contemporary dance shows that are representative of the new national and international performance scene with groups‚ choreographers and performers‚ participants in the most important series and festivals of new contemporary dance scene.
In its 12 years of activities‚ the festival has hosted and supported most of the new generations of contemporary dance‚ and it is significant that many of these artists‚ who have now become really important and successful‚ return to the festival alongside new names.

Confirming its role of scouting the national and international territory‚ INTERPLAY has become a point of reference for the young original dance scene‚ thanks to constant a monitoring of the territory and projects in collaboration with its partners.

Interplay is part of three international networks (Les Repérages/Le Gymnase CDC - 19 partner‚ Dance Roads - 5 countries and CQD-Ciudades Que Danzan - 40 partner) and at the national level‚ it is a member of Anticorpi XL (network that won the 2010 Danza&Danza Award in the category of best operator) which includes 21 partners from 14 regions that work together for the support and mobility of young national choreographers.

With this in mind‚ we wish to emphasize the different collateral activities that INTERPLAY has activated over the years: from training workshops for dancers led by international masters to workshops in the writing of criticism‚ aimed at the formation of a knowledgeable public (in collaboration with the CRUD‚ the University of Turin and the critics’ collective Altre Velocità) to the projects addressed to young choreographers and aimed at supporting their mobility with the offer of choreographic residencies structured on an international model.

The unexpected success of the Shared Choreographic Residency project has resulted in Italian choreographers working in harmony with international choreographers both in residencies at the performance space of Mosaico Dance and at the choreography centers participating in the project (such as the Centro de Documentação and Pesquisa em Dança do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil‚ the Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L in Luxembourg‚ the Choreography Center Tanztendenz of Munich in Germany‚ eUROPA tEATRI in Parma‚ Italy in collaboration with the Cantieri Association of Ravenna and the Urban Dance Festival of Bologna).

Specifically‚ the festival program is divided into a number of events that includes 31 events‚ with 15 National Debuts‚ 3 Premieres and 2 coproductions.
27 companies will perform in both urban dance events in different areas of the city and in three major theaters: Teatro Astra‚ Cavallerizza Reale and Fonderie Teatrali Limone (Theatrical Foundries)... and in some of these‚ making use of both the IN and the OUT spaces.

4 sectors of major focus that make up the backbone of the festival:

AFFIRMED CHOREOGRAPHERS with performances for the entire evening.
YOUNG COMPANIES that have already been in significant events and have been noticed by the critics as the spearheads of the new creativity‚ which will alternate in long-format evenings.
YOUNG EMERGENTS‚ a sector selected and supported by Antibodies XL network and by the project of international mobility for young choreographers‚ Dance Roads.
METROPOLITAN BLITZES: urban dance events and site specific creations for taking contemporary dance out of the conventional contexts.

The festival bears witness‚ strong and up close‚ to the new languages that interdependently use video‚ speech and the dancing body in a totally atypical way‚ with the strong presence or the total absence of music‚ through the use of different and sometimes contradictory poetics. INTERPLAY brings us to the boundaries of perception‚ to the boundaries of traditional aesthetics.
The artists participating in the festival are those who have excelled in the contemporary geography for the meaningful‚ courageous and personal use of the choreographic language - extremely contemporary and at times abrasive - which is almost always putting the rules‚ aesthetic codes and lifestyles into question.

Teatro Astra hosts the Regional Debut of STORM END COME the performance by the Israeli choreographer YASMEEN GODDER (già applaudita dalla critica ad Interplay/07 e Interplay/08) il 16 maggio (already critical acclaimed at Interplay/07 and Interplay/08) who will inaugurate the festival on May 16th Over the years‚ Yasmeen Godder has received many awards‚ including the important Bessie Award in New York. She has performed at the DTW‚ the Kitchen and Dancing in the Streets in New York‚ Lab Theater in Jerusalem‚ the Curtain Up Festival in Tel-Aviv‚ CND in Paris and Les Subsistances in Lyon. At Interplay/12 she will present her latest creation‚ a co-production with the Grand Theatre di Groningen (Netherlands)‚ Culturscapes in Basel (Switzerland) and the Center for the Contemporary Scene in Bassano del Grappa (Italy).

On May 17th the Blitz Metropolitani will take place in an area at the University of Turin: in the pedestrian zone in the vicinity of Palazzo Nuovo (the “new building” of the humanities faculty of the University) and the Museum of Cinema‚ JOONA HALONEN will present FEATURE‚ a site-specific creation made especially for the aforementioned urban context. The young Finnish choreographer has worked as a performer with Dario Fo and Jenni Kiwelajyrki Karttunen‚ has won first prize at the Saitama International Dance Contest in Tokyo and is supported by the Zodiak-Center For New Dance di Helsinki.
Afterward‚ the duo from Turin‚ TECNOLOGIA FILOSOFICA (Aldo Torta and Stefano Botti) will offer their hilarious and charming show EFFETTO SERRA (Greenhouse) to passersby.

May 18th‚ again at Teatro Astra‚ there will be the National Premiere of SCORE by YUVAL PICK. Another new emerging Israeli/French artist‚ signaled by critics as the forerunner of a new generation of dance‚ Yuval Pick is the new director of the Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape. He has presented his work at major European festivals including the Biennale de Danse de Lyon‚ Festival International de Danse de Cannes and Montpellier Danse.

The events will continue on May 19 th with an all-day event of contemporary dance‚ URBAN EVENTS. Interplay involves the local restaurants‚ shop windows‚ streets and walkways‚ proposing site-specific performances starting from the center of Torino (Via Lagrange) and arriving at Piazza Vittorio Veneto. Directly from BRAZIL‚ the Company STACCATO‚ directed by Paulo Caldas‚ will present a surprising and dynamic hip hop duo‚ which will be performed again on May 21st in the outdoor spaces of the theatre “Fonderie Limone”. The versatile SPANISH dancers of LA MACANA will present VEN‚ Winner of the Critics and Audience Prize/Choreographic Contest of Madrid (2008) and chosen for Aerowaves 2010 (European dance net); the FRENCH CFB451 / Christian & François BEN AIM with a solo performed by Aurélie Berland VALSE EN TROIS TEMPS‚ produced with support from Arcadi‚ Action culturelle du pays de Briey résidence de cr&eaation‚ Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson and which is a guest at Interplay/12 thanks to support from the Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati (New Patrons Foundation) /Ambassade de France en Italie.
And then the young British choreographer‚ RACHAEL MOSSOM‚ with BIRD MAN‚ a creation produced with the support of South East Dance & Roh. Finally‚ the conclusion with groups from Turin‚ TECNOLOGIA FILOSOFICA G.A.P. and SENZA CONFINI DI PELLE‚ with performance site specific.
The day is promoted in accordance with the organization Confesercenti‚ which is sponsoring the project: appetizers will be offered at a special price in collaboration with the eating establishments in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.
The evening will continue at the Cavallerizza Reale/Manica Corta‚ where two performances in short format will be presented. It will open with the Dutch dancer‚ TABEA MARTIN‚ supported by the Dutch choreography center Dansateliers‚ presenting her DUET FOR TWO DANCERS‚ which will be on tour in 2012 in several cities and festivals in Austria‚ Italy‚ Switzerland‚ Lithuania‚ Belgium‚ Germany and Holland.
The evening is to be shared with ALESSANDRO SCIARRONI: an Italian artist fro the Marche region who has been active in the contemporary performing arts scene‚ he will present his solo‚ JOSEPH. His performance “Your Girl”‚ produced in 2007‚ toured the major Italian theater and contemporary dance festivals and in 2010‚ was presented in Europe in London (The Place)‚ Oslo (Dancenshus)‚ Dublin (Dublin Dance Festival)‚ Burgos and Warsaw. In 2008 he won the “New Sensibilities” award‚ with the show “If I was Madonna”. His works are produced by the Teatro Stabile of Marche in collaboration with the Association Corpoceleste_C.C.00 #‚ of which he is the artistic director. In 2009 - 2010‚ his productions were part of the Anticorpi Explò network in Italy and the Aerowaves circuit for the touring of artists in Europe.

The following week‚ the festival will move to the fascinating spaces of the Limone Foundries in nearby Moncalieri. May 21st and 22nd‚ the guests are the companies that were selected by the committee of the DANCE ROADS network (members from Canada‚ France‚ Holland‚ Britain and Italy) for a project to support young international choreography that involves the selection of a company for each member country of the network‚ who will then travel on tour in Europe and Canada.
Selected to represent Piedmont‚ is the young and talented DANIELE NINARELLOwho has performed at several national festivals as well as at the festival of Les Hivernales Avignon (France) in July 2011. At Interplay/12‚ Daniele Ninarello will present BIANCONIDO (White nest)‚ a production supported by CDC-Les Hivernales‚ Interplay/12‚ in collaboration with the Teatro Stabile di Torino Foundation‚ the Piedmont Theatre Circuit‚ the Virgil Sieni Company and Esperia Ballet Company.
The other international companies selected by the DANCE ROADS network committee are the multiethnic French company Les Associés Crew/BABACAR CISSÉ with LE SYNDROME DE L’EXILÉ; the Dutch artist ARNO SCHUITEMAKER‚ winner of the Brabant supports Toptalent 2010 and the Dioraphte Stimulation Prize 2009‚ with THE FIFTEEN PROJECT; the Finnish/British TANJA RÅMAN+DBINI INDUSTRIES‚ with UNATTACHING‚ a production supported by Coreo Cymru and Chapter (Wales); the Bulgarian/Canadian MARIA KEFIROVA‚ a choreographer supported by the prestigious choreography center Tangente in Montreal‚ with CORPS.RELATIONS.

These evenings will also host young choreographers selected at the Young Original Dance Showcase‚ organized by the Anticorpi XL network‚ including Francesca Foscarini‚ Chiara Frigo and Leonardo Diana.
FRANCESCA FOSCARINI (Veneto) will present her solo‚ CANTANDO SULLE OSSA (Singing on the bones). In 2009‚ Foscarini created her first choreography “KALSH“; she was a finalist at the GD’A Veneto competition‚ chosen for the Young Original Dance Showcase - Anticorpi XL Network and the Visionary - Festival Kilowatt. At present‚ she is collaborating with Ullallà Teatro Animazione and with Giorgia Nardin and Marco d’Agostin‚ with whom she choreographed the project “spic & span”‚ winner of the special mention at the Premio Scenario 2011 awards.
CHIARA FRIGO (Veneto) will present her duo‚ WAITING FOR SUITE-HOPE. Frigo made her debut as a choreographer in 2006 with the solo “Corpo in DoppiaElica”‚ which won third prize at the 10th Festival of Choreographers’ Miniatures in Belgrade. In 2008‚ with the solo “Takeya”‚ she won the first edition of the Veneto GD’A Antibodies XL award and the same year‚ her show was selected to participate at Aerowaves. In 2009‚ she was invited to participate in Choreoroam‚ a research project developed through choreographic residencies supported by the Operaestate Festival Veneto (Bassano del Grappa)‚ The Place (UK)‚ Dansateliers (Holland)‚ Dansescenen (Denmark)‚ Paso a 2-Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid (Spain) and Dance Week Festival (Hungary). In 2010‚ she was involved in international projects stemming from the collaboration between Operaestate Festival Veneto and SNDO - Amsterdam and she was invited to bring “Takeya” to the Creative Forum at the library of Alexandria‚ Egypt‚ and she was the only Italian choreographer invited to share a course of choreographic research developed between Italy and Canada (Operaestate Veneto Festival‚ Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique of Montréal‚ Dance Centre of Vancouver). Her latest creation‚ “Nonsostare”‚ was presented at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome as a project finalist of the Equilibrio Award.
LEONARDO DIANA (Tuscany) will present his new creation VERSO LA LUCE (TOWARDS THE LIGHT). Since 2004‚ Diana has been part of the companies Versiliadanza and Revolving Door‚ with which he has performed both in Italy and abroad. In 2009‚ he worked at the Theatre of Bremen in Germany with Urs Dietrich and Tero Saarinen. Since 2007‚ he has staged his own choreography‚ and been invited to the most important young original dance showcases in Italy.
As always‚ after taking a careful look at the local area of the festival‚ the stage will be offered to a young Turin artist‚ ANDREA GALLO ROSSO‚ with his national debut.

On the evening of May 23rd‚ for the first time in Italy‚ the German choreographer‚ STEPHANIE THIERSCH‚ will present one of her most important works‚ UNDER GROUND GREEN‚ performed by the talented dancer Alexandra Naudet‚ one of the principal dancers of the shows of Decouflé. This show won the Cologne Theatre Award in 2005 and received an invitation to the Dance Platform 2006 in Stuttgart. In 2002‚ she received the Special Jury Prize for rhinedancemedia.web‚ and the same year was awarded a Sponsorship Award for North-Rhine-Westphalian artists.
Following this‚ a Premiere of CASA DE ABELHA (an Interplay/12 co-production) by the young Brazilian choreographer FLÀVIA TÀPIAS‚ a performer in most of the repertoire of the Grupo Tapias since 1996. She has trained in dance and theater‚ thus becoming an actress as well as dancer. She has received national and international awards‚ performing solos in major dance events in Brazil and in Europe: Festival Lugar à Dança in Lisbon‚ Coimbra and Oeiras (Portugal)‚ Internationales Tanzmesse NRW in Essen and Düsseldorf (Germany)‚ Festival Havana Vieja a L’Avana (Cuba)‚ Itálica Festival Internacional de Danza‚ in Tomares and Sevilla‚ Dies de Dança in Barcelona and Sitges (Spain)‚ and La Ruée Vers Lart in Grenoble (France).

Once again at the Limone Foundries‚ on May 24th‚ the well-known dancer from Turin‚ AMBRA SENATORE will present the full version of her show PASSO‚ winner of the 2009 Equilibri prize. Her latest creation‚ “A posto”‚ was presented at the Italian Dance Platform‚ the second focus of Torinodanza 2011.

On May 25th ‚ the appointments at the Foundries will conclude with an international triple-play.
The Polish choreographer BARBARA BUJAKOWSKA with 3D-ANCE: after studying at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and the Institute for Dance Art at A.Bruckner University in Linz (Austria)‚ Bujakowska has collaborated with Teresa Ranieri‚ Nigel Charnock‚ Rebecca Murgi‚ Hoplaaa Dance Company and Maat Project Theatre. She received the Kreatywna Dolina prize‚ a TV program that supports young talent‚ and a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Artistic Heritage of Poland.
The evening will be shared with the talented dancer from Turin‚ SARA MARASSO (co-produced in 2010 by TorinoDanza) with WHEN I DANCE I DANCE‚ WHEN I SLEEP I SLEEP‚ her new creation co-produced by INTERPLAY/12‚ and with the remarkable Brazilian choreographer ALEX NEORAL‚ with IMPAR whom we remember for having choreographed for DeAnima Ballet Contemporâneo (2003 & 2005)‚ Nina Botkay of Nederlands Dance Theater I (2003)‚ Roberto de Oliveira (2004)‚ Cia Nós da Dança (2006)‚ and the Bolshoi Ballet in Joinville (2009). Two of his works “Outro lugar” and “Pathways”‚ were nominated by the newspaper Brazil News as one of the Best Top 10 Works in 2007 and in 2008.

Natalia Casorati