G.A.P. - Concept Round

Concept Round
G.A.P. (I)

by G.A.P.
project and choreography Emilio Lo Curcio and Federica Pozzo
with Olivia Buttafarro‚ Giulia Lazzarino‚ Emanuela Cavaglià‚ Giulietta Petti

Saturday May 19‚ 2012
5.30 p.m.
space > Via Teofilo Rossi‚ 3

in collaboration with Bertolini&Borse

Tuesday May 22‚ 2012
7.00 p.m.
space > Fonderie Teatrali Limone OUT

Sitting around a table‚ for a few minutes. All around‚ a city.Maybe. A brief encounter between strangers. Four women‚ to be exact. But what does it matter? The table could be anywhere‚ anywhere in the world. The geography doesn’t matter. It’s a rap rhythm‚ a slow blues scansion‚ a sequence of distorted chords of a rock song. Even this does not matter. Four parallel lines intersect violently‚ at random‚ for a moment losing their direction‚ their identity‚ their destiny. This‚ instead‚ is important. It’s nice. It puts sharing into place. Unintended. Not scheduled. Unorganized. Not even time to understand what is happening. All around‚ a city. Maybe. Four women. Tall‚ short‚ lean‚ violent‚ busy‚ sweaty‚ sleepy‚ grungy‚ anxious‚ pretentious‚ soft‚ satisfied‚ spoiled‚ sunny‚ ascetic‚ arrogant... that share. Themselves‚ their lives‚ noting‚ too much. Sitting around a table. For a few minutes.

Federica Pozzo‚ studied with masters of the caliber of Max Stone‚ David Storey‚ Milton Miyers‚ Desmond Richardson and Dwight Roden‚ Stephen Petronio (N.Y.C.) Redha‚ Boitiere ‚ Goss‚ Zambrano (Paris) Bigonzetti‚ Rossi‚ Sandroni‚ Zappalà‚ Ekson (Italy) and in 1998‚ founded the company G.A.P. with her sister Michela.
Their shows have been included in prestigious contexts as Torinodanza‚ the Avignon festival‚ Ammutinamenti and the closure of the Paralympic Games. The company collaborates with the City of Moncalieri on the project Moncalieri Dance Coordination‚ carrying out consultancy work for the Department of Culture.