Rachael Mossom - L UOMO UCCELLO

L’uomo uccello / Birdman
Rachael Mossom (UK)

by Rachael Mossom
with Rachael Mossom‚ Fabrizio Petrachi and Micol Persio
original music Claudio Montuori
illustrations Greg Morgan
This Creation was produced with support from South East Dance‚ Roh2‚ ACE (February 2012)
National Debut

Saturday May 19‚ 2012
6.45 p.m.
space > Piazza Vittorio Veneto

Birdman (Claudio Montuori) is a wonderful and bizarre character who lives on the streets of the Trastevere district in Rome‚ and is a source of inspiration for the project. As soon as Rachael saw him busking‚ she immediately thought that somehow she'd like to bring him on stage and dance to his music. The play was made possible with the South East Dance & Roh and will be presented at the Exposure ROH Linbury Theatre‚ and at Swansea‚ in Wales‚ as part of the program of the 2012 Cultural Olympics.

Rachael Mossom studied at Middlesex University and at the London Studio Centre ‘Intoto Dance Company’ working for Yael Flexor‚ Stephen Hughes‚ Michael Popper and Laurent. After completing her studies‚ she specialized with the Henri Oguike Dance Company. Since then she has been a freelance dancer for various choreographers‚ including Will Tuckett‚ ‘Faeires & Thief of Bagdad’‚ Wayne Sables Project‚ Keira Dance‚ Saju Hari‚ Alexander Whitely‚ Cameron MacMillan‚ Colin Poole‚ Liz Lea was also a chorus dancer under the artistic direction of Kim Brandstrup and Wayne MacGregor.
She is currently working with Gianni Santucci for the Ner Royal Opera House Muscat. As a choreographer‚ her works have been performed at: The Place Prize 2008‚ Dance Currents Stratford Circus‚ LCDS‚ Hampshire Youth Dance Company‚ The Place 40th Anniversary Celebrations (’09 & ’10) and the Bloomsbury Festival. Her short film ‘Rachael’s Suitcase’ was a finalist at the Dansendages Film‚ BBC (Swansea)and at the Cornwall Film Festival 2011. The duet ‘Tuttaposto’ (Everything in place) has been presented at the Linbury Studio‚ Maxim Gorki Theatre ini Berlin‚ Fabrik theatre in Potsdam and at ‘Dance Days’ in Swansea.