Andrea Gallo Rosso - Occhi

Andrea Gallo Rosso (I)

by and with Andrea Gallo Rosso
sound Federico Dal Pozzo

Monday May 21‚ 2012
8.00 p.m.
space > Fonderie Teatrali Limone / Small Hall

... we’re used to a certain detachment...
I was struck by a short black and white film – America in the fifties – of men and women‚ patients in an psychiatric asylum. The people filmed were engrossed in their own repetitive gestures‚ irregardless of the space they’re in‚ a little physical mantra over and over again. Removed from the world and yet immersed within it.
By closing their eyes‚ a person finds oneself in a situation of being disconnected from the outside world.
I close my eyes and a myriad of different sensations open up‚ time perception is changed‚ sounds are sharper... relations with others are suspended... and must be rebuilt.
A more animal world of fears and feelings‚ listening is focused on the inside.
Occhi/Eyes is a game of communication and on the change of perspective.

Andrea Gallo Rosso

Andrea Gallo Rosso started studying contemporary dance in the city of Turin‚ where he has studied with Franca Pagliassotto‚ Cristina Golin‚ Maria Cristina Fontanelle and Daniela Paci.
His studies were broadened on an international level with David Zambrano‚ Emio Greco‚ Ismael Ivo‚ Laura Aris‚ Pedro Berdayes‚ José Reches‚ Luis Lara Malvasias and Jens Van Deale. After various collaborations‚ he has created his own choreographic works and performed at national festivals and events.
In 2010 he was selected by the national network Anticorpi for the “Young Original Dance Showcase” (off sector). In August‚ 2011 he participated in a choreographic residency at Jerwood DanceHouse/DanceEast in Ipswich (UK).
He has been included in the “Young Agenda 2011”‚ published by the Piedmont theatre circuit that monitors the young choreography and theatre companies in the area. In 2011‚ the short film “Fermata Paradiso” (by Elena Maria Olivero and Andrea Gallo Rosso) won third place at “La danza in un Minuto” (One-minute dance) of the Coorpi (Coordinamento Danza Piemonte) and was included among the 30 finalists of the Piedmont Movie gLocal Film Festival.