Barbara Bujakowska

Barbara Bujakowska (PL)

by and with Barbara Bujakowska
music and video Marcin Janus
with the support of Tanzhaus Dusseldorf and Institute of Adam Mickiewicz
National Debut

Friday May 25‚ 2012
8.30 p.m.
space > Fonderie Teatrali Limone / Large Hall

3D-ANCE is a multimedia project that uses images‚ sound and movement to investigate perception. The performance tries to answer questions on how to perceive‚ understand and interpret a dance performance and the surrounding world.
The artistic value and novelty of this piece have been appreciated by the jury of Polish Dance Platform ... It was greatly appreciated by foreign operators‚ the critics and especially‚ the public ... The authors‚ so far‚ in their creations have shown artistic maturity and readiness to seek new forms. Thanks to their vigilance and willingness to experiment‚ they have been able to create performances that not only develop their potential‚ but broaden and enrich the perceptual abilities of the audience”. Jadwiga Majewska (dance critic‚ writer for the Ministry of Polish Culture)

Barbara Bujakowska‚ an independent dancer‚ began her artistic career at the Ballet Studio of the Krakow Opera House.
She studied at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and the Institute for Dance Art at the A.Bruckner University in Linz (Austria).
She has collaborated with many artists including Teresa Ranieri‚ Nigel Charnock‚ Rebecca Murgi‚ Hoplaaa Dance Company and the Maat Project Theatre. She received the Dolina Kreatywna Award‚ a TV program that supports young talent‚ and a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Artistic Heritage of Poland‚ Solo Project and Alternative Dance Academy. The premiere of “3D-ANCE” was presented in July 2009 at CRICOTECA in Krakow.
In 2010‚ she performed at the Polish Dance Platform 2010 and at the 2011 Union Dance Festival in London.