Daniele Ninarello - Bianconido

Daniele Ninarello (I)

by and with Daniele Ninarello
coproduced by CDC-Les Hivernales (Avignone‚ Francia)
and Festival Interplay/12 (Torino‚ Italia)
supported by Torinodanza/Fondazione del Teatro Stabile di Torino‚
Circuito Teatrale del Piemonte‚ Cango Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze
National Debut

Tuesday May 22‚ 2012
9.00 p.m.
space > Fonderie Teatrali Limone / Large Hall

Bianconido (Whitenest) is that place of latency between thought and action‚ between intention and direction‚ it’s that space in which the sensation becomes a reality‚ the intangible becomes tangible‚ and the whole body becomes “present instant impregnated future”. Through the bodies‚ an attempt to probe these times of suspension‚ to grab onto the wake of sensations that take place in a nest. There is no turning back‚ and maybe not even to grasp the effect that you are about to unleash. One can be illuminated in white.

Daniele Ninarello‚ after studying at the Rotterdam Dance Academy‚ he has had a chance to dance with several international choreographers including Megumi Nakamura‚ Tabea Martin‚ Bruno Listopad‚ Felix Ruckert‚ Barbara Altissimo‚ Meekers Uitgesprokendans‚ Compagnia Lische and Virgilio Sieni Dance.
Since 2007‚ he has been developing his research and choreographic and movement research‚ experimenting with improvisation in relation to different performative languages. He has presented his creations Coded’uomoMan SizeAccendi la luceImpro:GraceNon(leg)azioniGod Bless You in many festivals in Italy and abroad: Inside/Off‚ D10‚ Inviti di Sosta Prolungata‚ Insoliti Festival‚ Ammutinamenti Vetrina Anticorpi XL‚ Corpi Urbani‚ Festiva Es.Terni‚ Festival Short Formats‚ projet eurorégional Marcher Commun‚ the co-production with Festival Interplay/TPE‚ Oltrarno festival Cango 2011.
He has collaborated as a choreographer with the Collective Burak at Spaces for Contemporary Dance 2010 (Piedmont area) and with “Man Size”‚ he was selected for the section IN in the 2010 Antibodies XL Showcase‚ thereby entering onto the list of Explo artists. Between July 2010 and March 2011 (with the support of the Unusual/Insoliti Festival) he participated in the Transforme project directed by Myriam Transforme Gourfink at the Fondation Royaumont. He participated in two choreographic residencies for a co-CREATION with Gianfranco Celestino at Mosaic Dance and the Choreographic Centre Luxembourgeois‚ a co-production between Interplay Festival and the Centre Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois.
He was a 2011 Rome Equilibrio Award finalist with his creation Occhi neri capelli blu (Black eyes blue hair). Man Size was presented in Charleroi at the festival Les Repérages and selected along with Non(leg)azioni for the Les Hivernales Avignon 2011 - 100% Danse Quand les régions s’en mêlent....
Man Size has been performed in Rio De Janeiro‚ at the Correios em Movimento Festival.