Tecnologia Filosofica - Effetto Serra

Effetto Serra
Tecnologia Filosofica (I)

with Aldo Torta and Stefano Botti

Thursday May 17‚ 2012
12.00 p.m.
space > Università degli Studi di Torino / Palazzo Nuovo

in collaboration with C.R.U.D - Centro Regionale Universitario
per la Danza “Bella Hutter”
Università degli Studi di Torino
and Co.Dance.Abitare Corpi.Abitare Luoghi project

Saturday May 19‚ 2012
5.30 p.m.
space > Via Teofilo Rossi‚ 3

in collaboration with Bertolini&Borse

A little plastic greenhouse‚ 155x205x155 cm circa‚ two trees dressed in suit coats and ties‚ scattered traces of sawdust.
A parable between cohabitation and asphyxiation.
“You are so close that I cannot breathe‚ you’re nearly suffocating me.
I need air.
You’re out of bounds‚ move away.
I’ll straighten my tie‚ the suit coat is so tight I can hardly breathe.
I won’t make a move‚ it looks great on me.
My foliage is not enough to absorb the excess.
Is there anyone who can turn down the air conditioning
or turn it off completely?”

Tecnologia Filosofica is a community of artists engaged in research and contamination‚ with a predilection for work using the body and on presence. The company has participated in numerous international festivals including Garofano Verde-Rome‚ Festival del Ticino-Varese‚ Festival Segnali-Bergamo‚ Valenza Alchemica‚ Festival Interplay‚ Anticorpi-Ravenna‚ Giocateatro di Piacenza‚ Progetto CAT Confrontation Artistique Transfrontaliere‚ Festival delle Colline di Torino‚ Correios em Movimento-Brasile‚ Italian Dance Platform 2011/Torinodanza festival‚ Les Reperages-Lille and Theatre Kabbaz in Los Angeles. The company works in Turin and their residence Morenica/Cantiere Canavesano.
Aldo Torta‚ following an eclectic education‚ he graduated as a teacher in ”Danse Sensible” (C.Coldy). He worked in several professional dance companies‚ including Tersicore Theatre Dance Company‚ Teatro Nuovo‚ Balletto Regionale Pugliese‚ EgriBiancoDanza and Tecnologia Filosofica.
Stefano Botti has a background ranging from avant-garde theater to children’s theater‚ from contemporary dance to yoga. He has worked‚ among others‚ with the Teatro dell’Angolo‚ A.C.T.I‚ Stilema – UnoTeatro‚ Michela Lucenti‚ R. Caporossi and Tecnologia Filosofica.