Flàvia Tapiàs - Casa de Abelha

Casa de Abelha
Compagnia Tàpias (BR)

by and with Flàvia Tàpias
light and scenography Pollo Design
original music Betto Serrador
produced by CDPD-RJ
coproduced by Interplay/12

Mercoledì 23 Maggio 2012
ore 22.00
spazio > Fonderie Teatrali Limone / Sala Piccola

A sewing thread of quiet time. We observe that the choreographic research is not a blind spot. All movements are intersecting‚ like a seam‚ a connection‚ looking for a woman‚ a warmth‚ a fulfillment with a hug.

Flàvia Tàpias has been the interpreter of most of the repertoire of Grupo Tapiás since 1996. She has received national and international recognition performing solos in major dance events in Brazil and Europe: Festival Lugar à Dança in Lisbon‚ Coimbra and Oeiras (Portugal); Internationales Tanzmesse NRW in Essen and Düsseldorf (Germany)‚ Festival Havana Vieja in Havana (Cuba)‚ Itálica Festival Internacional de Danza‚ in Tomares and Sevilles; Dies de Dança in Barcelona and Sitges (Spain); and La Ruée Vers Lart in Grenoble (France). From this‚ the project "5 choreographers for a body" was created‚ which has had international resonance. Catherine Dunoyer‚ director of Le Gymnase CDC/Les Repérages‚ presented the entire show in 2006.
Her choreographic works include: “Exremidades”‚ “Kitnet”‚ “Roubo no museu”‚ “Hábitos”‚ “manhas e manias”‚ “Doutor”‚ “minha filha não para de dançar”‚ “Fala-me de ti”‚ “Imortais”‚ “Anexo”‚ “PLURAL”‚ “SUDESTE”‚ “Tudo depende de como voce me ve passar”; all works for which Flavia has been invited to and presented at numerous festivals and theaters in Europe. She teaches the Tapias technique (Giselle Tapias) in Brazil‚ France‚ Italy and Cuba.