Focus Cia De Dança /  Alex Neoral - Impar

Focus Cia De Dança (BR)

coreografia Alex Neoral
con Alex Neoral‚ Marcio Jahu‚ Marisa Travassos‚ Rodrigo Werneck
light designer Binho Schaeffer
National Debut

Friday May 25‚ 2012
8.30 p.m.
space > Fonderie Teatrali Limone / Large Hall

This pièce concentrates on the moment. How long does a moment last? A moment is the sum of a fraction of time... For this sequence of events‚ the choreographer himself has made up a story. The story is presented to the audience without any chronological order of the events: The spectator is caught up in a puzzle where the end of each scene is the beginning of the next. The story itself doesn’t really mean anything‚ but is here to affirm that the here and now is really what it’s all about.

Alex Neoral is currently the director and choreographer Focus Cia De Dança‚ a contemporary dance that is very active in Brazil. He has worked as a dancer with important artists including Cia de Dança (Deborah Colker)‚ Cia Nós da Dança (Regina Sauer)‚ Grupo Tápias (Giselle Tápias) and Cia Vacilou Dançou (Carlota Portella). He is also a guest choreographer for DeAnima Ballet Contemporâneo‚ Nina Botkay of the Nederlands Dance Theater I‚ Roberto de Oliveira‚ Cia Nós da Dança‚ and the Bolshoi Ballet in Joinville.
He had the opportunity to choreograph the performance of the della “Imperatrice Leopoldinense Samba School” for Carnival in Rio. Two of his works‚ “Outro lugar” and “Pathways”‚ were among the Best Top 10 Works in 2007 and in 2008 according to the newspaper‚ Brazil News. “Pathways” was presented in 2007 in Stuttgart and was selected by the CityDance’s 2009 Next Choreography Commission.