Staccato/Paulo Caldas - Grafismos

Grafismos / Variação 4
Staccato/Paulo Caldas (BR)

choreography Paulo Caldas
with Danilo D’Alma and Juliana Gama
costumes Mauro Dias
mouvement research Bárbara Lima and Danilo D’Alma
National Debut

Saturday May 19‚ 2012
5.30 p.m.
space > Via Teofilo Rossi‚ 3
in collaboration with Bertolini&Borse

Monday May 21‚ 2012
7.00 p.m.
space > Fonderie Teatrali Limone OUT

Grafismos is a multi-and interdisciplinary project that involves variations composed as urban intersections in unusual spaces for dance‚ sometimes tight. The strategy to search for a new movement springs from the experience in new situations‚ limiting and restrictive. Variação 4 is a dynamic hip hop duo that subverts the structure and logic of comparison: the duel becomes a duet.

The artistic journey of the group Staccato / Paulo Caldas began in 1993. Through constant research on language and an aesthetic based on the drama of the movement‚ the company establishes a bodily universe of its own and a constant exploration. Its productions have been hosted in Germany‚ the United States‚ France‚ Italy‚ Japan and Brazil (from Bahia‚ Ceara‚ Espirito Santo‚ Minas Gerais‚ Paraíba‚ Pernambuco‚ Rio de Janeiro‚ Santa Catarina to São Paulo) and has won several national and international awards and recognitions. Since 1993‚ the company has grown‚ establishing itself now as a reality representative of establishing itself now as a reality representative of the contemporary Brazilian scene: it is composed of six dancers‚ a production designer‚ composer‚ director/choreographer and external collaborators.

The soul of the company is the choreographer Paulo Caldas‚ choreographer and dancer who began his career in 1988‚ in addition to being the creator and producer of dança em foco – International Festival of Video&Dance‚ the first national event dedicated exclusively to video interface/dance and funded by the Oi Futuro Cultural Center and Espaço SECS. In parallel‚ he is a professor at the Angel Vianna Univercidade where he coordinates Aesthetic Movement courses.