Leonardo Diana - Verso la luce

Verso la luce
Leonardo Diana (I)

by and with Leonardo Diana
music Airchamber3
live music set Luca and Andrea Serrapiglio
lighting design Mario Bacciottini
video Marzia Maestri
costumes Lucia Castellana
choreographer Finalist of the Equilibrio Awards 2011 and 2012

Tuesday May 22‚ 2012
8.30 p.m.
space > Fonderie Teatrali Limone / Small Hall

The work consists of three scenes. In the first‚ the actor’s body interacts with its psychic double‚ in the second‚ left to itself‚ it winds and twists like a defective mechanism; Finally‚ he sheds his skin to be reborn into a new dimension.
“The solution of modern drama lies in renouncing comparison‚ in being in contrast with the other self‚ and dissolve into the vague and deep layer of reality”.

Leonardo Diana graduated in Set Design. Since 2004‚ he has been part of the companies Versiliadanza and Revolving Doors with which he has performed both in Italy and abroad. In 2009‚ he worked at the Stable Theatre in Bremen‚in Germany with Urs Dietrich‚ and Tero Saarinen. Since 2007 he staged his choreography which has been invited to the most important Italian showcases of young original dance. In 2011‚ he was a Finalist of the Equilibrio Award (Rome).