Maria Kefirova - CORPS.RELATIONS

Maria Kefirova (CDN)

by and with Maria Kefirova
creative supervision Florence Figols
light designer Karine Gauthier
National Debut

Tuesday May 22‚ 2012
9.00 p.m.
space > Fonderie Teatrali Limone / Large Hall

CORPS.RELATIONS s a duo between a body and a head. The work explores the gap between the logical representation of reality and the immediate embodiment of the impulses. The body of the live performer and the videos are the focus of the investigation. On a conceptual‚ physical and aesthetic level‚ Maria Kefirova explores contrasts‚ paradoxes and absurdities.
The image on the TV screen‚ near the head of the dancer‚ performs daily routines and gives the impression of observing and analyzing the show in real time. Similarly‚ the performer on the stage is absorbed in her dance trying to turn her physical sensation and perception of her surroundings into pure movement‚ attempting to measure the distance that separates her from her own image.

Maria Kefirova is a dancer and choreographer of Bulgarian origin‚ who ha lived in Montreal since 1992. She has danced for many companies and choreographers including Lucie Gregoire Dance‚ Cas Public‚ Florance Figols‚ Heloise Remy‚ Sara Hanley and Mariko Tanabe. Parallel to her work as a performer‚ she develops her artistic vision by combining dance‚ theater‚ performance and video. Her works have explored (Gold Meat 2010‚ Corps.Relations 2010‚ Manufacturing tears 2009‚ my Head/my Body 2008‚ Apparences 2006) the correlation between the body and mind and the socio-cultural reality. She is currently part of DasArts (Master of Theatre)‚ in the Netherlands.