Sara Marasso - When I dance, I dance. When I sleep, I sleep.

When I dance‚ I dance. When I sleep‚ I sleep.
Sara Marasso (I)

by Sara Marasso
with Sara Marasso e Mattia Mele
sound design Niccolò Bosio
lighting design Marilisa Bruno
drammaturgia Irene Salza
supported by Torinodanza / Fondazione del Teatro Stabile di Torino‚ Fondazione TPE Teatro Piemonte Europa‚ Teatro Garybaldi - Progetto Residenze Creative 2012
National Debut

Friday MAY 25‚ 2012
8.30 p.m.
space > Fonderie Teatrali Limone / Large Hall

I’m not trying to convince you‚ to translate thoughts. If anything‚ to fight emphasis and I try to breathe calmly with awareness. Sorry if I have no words to say to you‚ I have only breath‚ and I'm breath that is sound‚ which is voice. That which can't be put into words‚ won't fit‚ it remains wild‚ light‚ free and mute.

Sara Marasso‚ winner of the 2004 Moving’up Competition‚ has presented her works for urban spaces in festivals of the network‚ Ciudades Que Dansan‚ including Festival Habana Vieja de l’Havana‚ the International Festival of Dance in Urban Landscape Lugar à Dança in Lisbon‚ Festival da Fabrica di Porto and Festival Corpi Urbani in Genoa. In 2006‚ she presented “Jukebox” at the 2006 Turin Italyart Cultural Olympics.
In 2009 “Solo Carta”/”Only Paper” (co-produced by the Piedmont Region‚ MiBAC and ETI) was chosen as the only Italian to particpate in the Les Repérages Festival in Lille in March 2009 and was invited to Charleroi Danses. In 2009‚ she was selected for the French-Italian project Mercati Comuni/Common Markets: “Volte Sempre” will be performed at the Maguy Marin‚ Choreographic Center‚ Les Hivernales Festival‚ Les Invites Festival‚ CNC Lieux publics‚ En Lieux et Place‚ Corpi Urbani Festival‚ Interplay Festival and TPE (Piedmont-Europe Theatre). In 2010‚ her new work‚ “Soluzione parziale a problema transitorio” (Partial solutions to transitory problems) was produced by Torinodanza Festival in co-production with Interplay Festival‚ with support from the TPE Foundation and N.E.C. NĂșcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica. The show made its debut on October 29‚ 2010 the Prospettiva 2 Autumn Festival at the Teatro Stabile of Turin.