Add Up Streetscapes
Senza Confini di Pelle (I)

by Senza Confini di Pelle
organization Senza Confini Di Pelle / direction Dario La Stella‚ Valentina Solinas
urban planning and architectural consultancy Valentina Drocco
choreographic consulting workshops and performances Juliane Von Crailsheim
advice choreographic workshop Federica Tardito‚ Sonia Brunelli‚ Davide Frangioni‚ Francesca Cinalli
musical advice Paolo De Santis / live music Matteo Audi Grivetta
performer Anna Rasero‚ Veronica Forioso‚ Martina Cocco‚ Chandy De Falco‚ Luisa Bini‚ Erica Salce‚ Barbara Nepote‚ Arianna Contursi‚ Nicola Ambrosino‚ Erica Vitali
in collaboration with Interplay/12‚ Belfioredanza‚ Reiss Arti Performative
and with the sponsorship of CRUD (Centro Regionale Universitario per la Danza - Bella Hutter)

Saturday May 19‚ 2012
6.45 p.m.
space > Piazza Vittorio Veneto

The ADD UP project explores urban space as a source of fascination and an instrument of artistic creation.
ADD UP/on work provides a training program of dance-theatre adhering to the urban through a series of workshops aimed at creating a final performance.
The focus of the project is to analyze how bodies adhere to the object of the “street”‚ how they undergo the process of adhesion and how they transform it.
“In our work we assume postures‚ the road itself becomes posture‚ the bodies adhere to it‚ they add up‚ it is the life of the street which is reflected in the body code. In the privacy of a rehearsal room the‚ data collected enter into the process of creation‚ discarding the superfluous‚ only what has setlled in the body remains”. Dario La Stella

Senza Confini Di Pelle was created in January 2002 by its founder‚ Dario La Stella. In 2004‚ he joined Valentina Solinas to form the basic core of the project.
Dario La Stella has worked with members of the contemporary international scene including Roberto Castello‚ Raffaella Giordano‚ Michela Lucenti‚ La Fura dels Baus and Judith Malina. Since 1997‚ he has conducted personal research on performance of the body.
Valentina Solinas studied with Antonio Pizzicato‚ Domenico Castaldo‚ Cristina Castrillo‚ Emma Dante‚ Roberto Castello‚ Raffaella Giordano‚ Adriana Innocenti‚ Paola Chiama and Pierre Byland.In 2006‚ she wrote and directed the Sit-Com BANCHI/WHITES for the project‚ Antropop ’06.