04 June 2022 18:15 - OUTDOOR FOCUS SPAIN

IMBARCHINO Viale Umberto Cagni, 37 – Parco del Valentino Torino

IDI-BEGI. An urban dance performance inspired by the dragging of rocks done by oxen known as Idi-Probak in the Basque Country. It recreates on stage the bond between the animal and man, its physicality, hierarchy and its language in the square, all through the eyes of the animal. Performance selected for the circuit RED A CIELO ABIERTO 2020.

PROYECTO LARRUA. Spanish company directed by JORDI VILASECA and ARITZ LÓPEZ based in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Choreographically and dramaturgically, the company has a personal vision on how to combine physicality and emotion and how to put it on stage, using elements of the common imagination of the public and using them. The result of this personal vision are the choreographic pieces that are part of its repertoire and that have been performed in the Basque Country in festivals such as Dferia, Vitoria-Gasteiz International Festival or Bad Festival, among others. At the national level he has been part of important programs such as Madrid en Danza, Mes de Danza or Cadiz en Danza. On the international scene, of note is the participation in festivals such as Costa Rica Performing Arts Festival (Central America), Fest’arts (France). The repertoire ranges from site-specific performances in urban for unconventional spaces such as LARRUA, (Emerging Company Award at Umore Azoka 2016), OZKOL and IDI-BEGI (Award at MasDanza festival); to performances created theaters com the production BASERRI (Candidate for 3 Max Awards), OTSOA (Candidate for 5 Max Awards) and the recent OJO DE BUEY. These plays have been part of different circuits such as Red Sarea, Platea, A Cielo Abierto, Red de Navarra and in the catalog of the Community of Madrid. Larrua does not want to function only choreographically but wants to address fields such as training. The result is its program LarruaLab, a contemporary dance workshop in Vitoria. Mediation is another important field that the company is committed to. That’s why the company collaborates with different audience programs with which they work side by side with theaters to generate an audience and bring dance closer.

By Jordi Vilaseca (ES)
With Maddi Ruiz de Loizaga, Miguel Ballabriga, Aritz López (ES)
Founded by Culture department from the Basque Country with the collaboration from DantzaHirian Dance Festival

Performance selected for the RED A CIELO ABIERTO 2021 circuit


durata 15'