Progetto 2022

I N T E R P L A Y /22
From 21 May to 10 June 2022 / TORINO

artistic direction Natalìa Casorati
curated by Associazione Culturale Mosaico Danza

Twenty nine companies and thirty two long and short format performances, a journey through different choreographic geographies which include fifteen Italian creations, eleven European companies and three which arrive from out of continent. This is the 22nd edition of Interplay, historical festival dedicated to young contemporary dance conceived and directed by Natalia Casorati.

Point of reference in the Italian dance scenario, Interplay selects also in this edition the top performances of the new European scene, giving the opportunity to artists, audience and operators to meet the young national and international creativity with a proposal of performances that immerse themselves in reality, exploring through the most current forms of expression the themes of social inequality, gender discrimination, the climate crisis.

The 22nd edition of the festival marks, after the digital-only 2020 edition and the hybrid formula of last year, a return to full-capacity theaters. In this edition the festival mostly wants to return in the urban texture of the city: since ever, in fact, Interplay explores the interactions between artists and the unaware audience through a significant diffused section with site specific performances. The metropolitan area becomes a stage, especially in the most “uncomfortable” places and in its suburbs.

Interplay 2022 will launch on the 21st of May in the multidisciplinary space of Via Baltea and at Bagni Pubblici of Via Agliè in the heart of Barriera di Milano, historical Turin quarter of Italian and foreign immigration, difficult and fascinating at the same time, pulsating with life and social experiments. The inauguration of the festival will be an event open to the quarter, to the citizens and to the dance audience, thought to join with a big party a moment of reflection, show and solidary enogastronomy.

Among the most interesting performances of the Festival of artists and companies already known: Alcune Coreografie by JACOPO JENNA (May 24, Lavanderia a Vapore): also selected for the NID Platform 2022, the MM CONTEMPORARYDANCE COMPANY (May 28, Teatro Astra) with a work by the young choreographer Roberto Tedesco and the choreographer Roberto Tedesco and the other by the well-known English choreographer Thomas Noone. Also returning to the festival AMBRA SENATORE (May 31, Teatro Astra), the choreographer who is a part Italian and a part French. As well as CARLO MASSARI (May 30, Lavanderia a Vapore) with his new Right, winner of the action of the Antibodies Network Xl CollaborAction#5; MANFREDI PEREGO (May 31, Teatro Astra) who presents the preview of his new creation Totemica and GISELDA RANIERI (May 28, Teatro Astra) with her new creation Re-Play.

The national hospitalities end with the SWANS NEVER DIE project (June 10 – Lavanderia a Vapore), which hosts in the Turinese scene the Egribiancodanza company with Raphael Bianco, Codeduomo with Daniele Ninarello, Zerogrammi with Simone Zambelli and the Balletto Teatro di Torino with Silvia Gribaudi.

Among the international hospitalities, the festival hosts artists at the peak of their careers, selecting companies outside the mainstream circuits that with their presence make the festival calendar a unique opportunity to identify the most interesting paths of the extra-national scene. This year, in particular, Interplay includes a focus on Spain: the NO BAUTIZADOS company that in its artistic research integrates and is inspired by gestural theater, the MARCAT DANCE directed by award-winning Spanish choreographer Mario Bermudez Gil. Next to them the successful Spanish choreographer ASIER ZABALETA who combines street dance and contemporary dance (May 21).

The focus on the Spanish dance continues May 24, with the duet Cuando Somos by CARLA CERVANTES CARO and SANDRA EGIDO IBANEZ who investigate the issues of gender identity and with CHEY JURADO and AKIRA YOSHIDA who will present HITO. Still Spain, but rich in contaminations, the proposal of the Lebanese GUY NADER with the Spanish MARIA CAMPOS (May 26, Teatro Astra) with the magical Set of Sets.

It’ s French/Tunisian the VIADANSE company (May 27, Politecnico di Torino) at Interplay with Ex-pose(s). The extra – European guests will have as their protagonists GIL KERER (24 May, Lavanderia a Vapore), Israeli choreographer of international fame. The B.DANCE company (June 8, Lavanderia a Vapore), based in Taiwan, that at INTERPLAY brings Divergence and NANHEE YOOK (May 25, Lavanderia a Vapore), one of the most interesting choreographers on the new South Korean scene.

Next to the most established companies, the most interesting guests among the Italian scene: SARA SGUOTTI and NICOLA SIMONE CISTERNINO with 1-0 (May 21), LORENZO MORANDINI (May 25, Lavanderia a Vapore), ADRIANO BOLOGNINO (May 25, Lavanderia a Vapore), but also COLLETTIVO MINE (June 8, Lavanderia a Vapore), selected for NID New Italian Dance Platform 2022, EMANUELE ROSA and MARIA FOCARACCIO (June 9, Casa del quartiere Roccafranca) present HOW TO Just another Boléro.