Contrappunti 1993>2003


The CONTRAPPUNTI (COUNTERPOINTS) festival‚ created in 1993‚ is a series of shows held in art places‚ which after its tenth edition in 2003‚ then become integrated into the Interplay Festival‚ starting in 2004.

A reference point for Piedmont as a showcase for original dance‚ in its ten years of activity it presented many choreographers of the Italian emergent dance for the first time in Turin.

The series has always taken place in non−traditional spaces. The first edition was done in some of Turin’s most important art galleries (Alberto Peola‚ Mille Venti‚ Paolo Tonin…); the artists invited to do a show would somehow tune into either the exhibited works or the architectural space‚ letting such contaminate their poetics‚ resulting in a creative combination. Since 1999‚ the festival has been presented alongside the VIDEO.IT series for young artists‚ organized by the Association Arte Giovane with the collaboration of the Gallery of Modern Art of Turin and the Center for Documentation CARE of Milan‚ held at the cloisters of the ex−cemetery San Pietro in Vincoli.

The coupling of video art and choreography functioned precisely because of the uncommon possibility of creating a comparison between the two languages‚ which although diverse‚ both work with images in movement. Videos by young artists were alternated with dance performances… at times‚ the choreographers themselves had worked with video‚ inventing new ways of creating shows‚ where the technological element would become a protagonist of the stage along with the dancer. Only the final edition took place in the city’s urban spaces‚ including the FNAC‚ the University’s Palazzo Nuovo and the club‚ The Beach.

The choreographers hosted include

Silvana Barbarini (Roma)‚ Roberto Castello‚ Giorgio Rossi‚ Alessandro Certini(Fi)‚ Monica Francia (Ra)‚ Clelia Moretti (Crema)‚ Michele Di Stefano Compagnia MK (Roma)‚ Ariella Vidack (Mi)‚ Compagnia Kinkaleri (Fi)‚ Federica Tardito (To)‚ Paola Colonna (To)‚ Doriana Crema (To)‚ Caterina Sagna (Ve)‚ Catia Della Muta (Bo)‚ Aline Nari (Ge)‚ Franceca Proia (Ra)‚ Luciano Padovani (Vi)‚ Paola Bianchi (To)‚ Eugenio De Mello (Bergamo)‚ Alessandra Sini | Sistemi Dinamici (Roma)‚ Fabrizio Favale con Le Supplici (Bologna) ‚ Tino Schepis (Mi.)‚ Daniela De Angelis (Roma)‚ Monica Farnè (Mi)‚ Aldo Rendina (To)‚ i Kinkaleri.


1994 Contrappunti ⁄ 1‚
1995 Contrappunti ⁄ 2‚
1996 Contrappunti ⁄ 3‚
1997 Contrappunti ⁄ 4‚
1998 Contrappunti ⁄ 5‚

In 1997‚ for the event the Biennial of Young European and Mediterranean Artists (April 17 –23)‚ Mosaico Cultural Association organized: CONTRAPPUNTI/OFF in collaboration with the Association Arci Nuova. Choreographers‚ composers‚ writers and stylists working in the field of young emergent art participated in the events at the Gallery of Modern Art in Turin.

since’99‚ the editions were held in collaboration with the GAM and the Association Arte Giovane

1999 Contrappunti ⁄ 6 ‚
2000 Contrappunti ⁄ 7‚
2001 Contrappunti ⁄ 8‚
2002 Contrappunti 9‚
2003 Contrappunti ⁄ 10.