International Festival of Contemporary Dance

2021 projects cannot be introduced without starting from 2020. The pandemic has changed the scenario, forcing us to reflect upon ourselves, society and the world, facing enormous problems. In this context, which caught us totally unprepared, we were forced for the first time to rethink the artistic project by adapting it several times to the current emergency. Currently the scenarios are still uncertain but this time the emergency does not take us by surprise. The experience gained allows us to plan any program changes immediately and, in particular, to put the acquired skills into practice, building an articulated project that takes into account multiple scenarios and knows how to use technologies to the advantage of the Festival, the artists and of the public. In 2020, when we were unable to operate in presence, we studied new ways to go on stage anyway, without ever stopping and reaching more than 13,000 users. Through targeted questionnaires and online formats we have collected very useful feedback from the public: today we know that the aim is to continue to go beyond the objectives achieved. The program will include both live shows at the theaters hosting the festival and simultaneous streaming of events with paid admission in both modes.



INTERPLAY, a reference point for the City of Turin and the Italian panorama, is a festival that has been running for 21 years. It selects the leading shows of the new European scene, offering the opportunity for artists, audiences and operators to meet young national and international creativity. A window on the artistic poetics of the present, at times exasperated and uncomfortable, at others ironic whose orientations Interplay follows and shares, creating opportunities for visibility.
The artists of Interplay are part of established emerging companies, alongside new generations of contemporary dance. Through peculiar aesthetic choices, courageous and rigorous, they take us to new choreographic dimensions, approaching little-explored territories.



Taking up the challenge of a particular year, Interplay plans 20 companies of which 13 are Italian and 7 international, 2 extra EU. The journey through the different choreographic geographies this year also includes an evening dedicated to digital shows. Two shows will be created specifically for the streaming, thanks to the call launched at the end of 2020 by Mosaico Danza Association: INTERPLAY STILLDIGITAL. Pilot project born after the pandemic experience and the consequent compulsion to work in closed theaters without the presence of the public. Two unpublished projects, selected by a special jury of experts, will converge in mid-May in a medium-length film for Interplay StillDigital / 2021 and a short film for the Off section. The winning artist of the main section is GISELDA RANIERI with the collective of videomakers DIANE: RE_PLAY WIRELESS CONNECTION relates scenic space and media space between choreographic experimentation and reflection on the digital format. GIULIA CERMELLI and TOMMASO CAVALCANTI are the winners of the Off section, with the AFTER project, which deals with the theme of loneliness in a pandemic period through the wise use of urban space and video. Finally, the jury decided to assign a Special Mention to the choreographer CLAUDIA CALDARANO and to the videomaker GIULIA LENZI for the trailer RIFLESSIONI, a choreography played on the deformation of the image and a dancing quality of the montage, which will be broadcast during the Festival. The artists thus have the opportunity to freely engage in the search for new expressive methods, using not only the body as the only protagonist (as would happen in a normal shooting of a show) but also integrating the new audiovisual technologies within the show itself, as well. to enhance and give new creative breath to the choreography.

With the sincere hope that the doors of the theaters will open, the INTERPLAY OPENING is scheduled for May 19th at Casa del Teatro to continue the complete programming until June 22nd at the Lavanderia a Vapore in Collegno (TO). In its twenty-first edition, the Festival confirms its international vocation by welcoming 7 shows by foreign authors, offering ample space to national realities through the hospitality of 6 established and 6 emerging companies. A site-specific multidisciplinary project is also planned which sees the collaboration between the Italian-Polish visual artist GOSIA TURZENIECKA and the perfoRmer CHIARA BERSANI (May 20/Lavanderia a Vapore). Multiple choreographic languages ​​heterogeneously investigate the meaning of life, our way of living on earth and in relation to humanity in a delicate moment of emergency that is changing the very world in which we live. The choreographers bring to the stage a political body that, through dance, declares the urgency of the need for a change that can no longer be postponed. As witnessed, for example, by the highly acclaimed HYENAS of the ABBONDANZA/BERTONI company: a masked ball for 6 performers – hosted by Interplay on 1 June/Casa del Teatro. A metaphor that stages faces of contemporary humanity and its fundamental inability to silence. If the face is the theater of man, the mask is the scenography that covers it. Abbondanza / Bertoni company, founded in the early nineties, is recognized as one of the most prolific and significant artistic realities on the Italian scene. As guest choreographers they create the choreographies for the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and the Aterballetto company; they work with the directors M. Baliani, N. Garella, R. Guicciardini and with the musicians John Surman, Steve Lacy, Michel Portal, Barre Phillips; they participate in Bernardo Bertolucci’s film “Ballo da sola” (’95) and are among the protagonists of the choreography created for “Vieni via con me”, broadcast by Fabio Fazio and Roberto Saviano, broadcast on Rai Tre (2010). They sign and interpret more than thirty creations; win the Danza & Danza prize for “best performers” and for “La morte e la fanciulla”, the Cascina prize for choreography, and the ETI-Stregagatto prize with the show Romanzo d’infanzia, which exceeded 600 replicas in the four versions: Italian, English, French, Portuguese.
SILVIA GRIBAUDI, who inaugurates the twenty-first edition of the festival with GRACES (19 May/Casa del Teatro). A work that brings to the stage the challenge of ironic supremacy for an impossible absolute “beauty” and the need to accept oneself in diversity. Audience Award and Jury for Young Author in 2009 with “A Corpo Libero”, finalist at the Ubu Award and the Critical Network Award with “R.OSA”, Silvia Gribaudi debuts with “Graces” in 2019 winner of CollaborAction # 4, Danza & Danza Award 2019 Italian production, selected by NID Platform, finalist for the Critical Network Award 2019, a creation for 3 young performers who continue the research on the artistic, social, intellectual value of humor and the body. Gribaudi is the Italian selected for the international project Étape Danse 2019, curated by MosaicoDanza, Fabrik Potsdam (DE) and Theater de Nimes (FR). Presented in major international circuits, CHIARA BERSANI’s works are also based on the concept of the Political Corps. Italian performer and author active in performing art, theater and research dance, thanks to the long collaboration with Alessandro Sciarroni (Leone d’Oro 2019), the first Total Theater Awards and the Ubu Award as best performer under 35 for her work-manifesto Gentle Unicorn, has had and continues to have great success with audiences and critics. At the festival with the new creation IL CANTO DELLE BALENE- THE WHALE’S SONG for 1 interpreter (20 May/Lavanderia a Vapore /hosted in collaboration with Piemonte dal Vivo), inspired by the profound messages of Liliana Segre, Bersani questions the problems of the current context.
The Sicilian GIUSEPPE MUSCARELLO, a lesser known artist but with a significant path, is a guest in various reviews and festivals, including Fabbrica Europa in Florence, Inequilibrio/Armunia in Castiglioncello, Piccolo in Milan, just to name a few. Presents, for Interplay, the only 4CANTI with original music composed by the musician Pierfrancesco Mucari (June 19/Lavanderia a Vapore). The show is an ode to beauty and silence through a fragmented choreographic score that expands to form disjointed and polycentric boundaries, which refer to ancient popular legacies. Younger but with equally significant paths are Ginevra Panzetti & Enrico Ticconi and Igor Urzelai & Moreno Slinas, accustomed to working between Italy and abroad, they managed to establish themselves and pursue a profound and coherent poetic research also thanks to the economic support obtained. by international bodies. ARA! ARA! by GINEVRA PANZETTI and ENRICO TICCONI makes its debut at the Festival on May 21st in a national premiere (Casa del Teatro), telling us stories of conflict and power. On stage the two dancers juggle with large flags, reminding us that in ancient times the graphic signs and color combinations on the armor were born out of the war needed to identify the different factions during the clashes. The flag becomes a metaphor that underlies political tensions, expressions of belonging, affirmation and power. Prominent mid-career company, it works between Berlin and Turin. In 2019 he wins the Arte Laguna 13 prize in the performance and video art section with the site specific performance Jardin/Arsenale, the first edition of the Hermès Danza Triennale Milano Prize with which they realize their latest work AeReA, the Danza & Danza Prize as emerging choreographers and are nominated “Talent of the Year” by the German magazine Tanz – Zeitschrift für BalletTanz und Performance. With the work Harleking they have been selected by the European platform Aerowaves Twenty 19, by the New Italian Dance (NID) Platform and by the German dance platform Tanzplatform Deutschland 2020. BEAT by IGOR URZELAI and MORENO SOLINAS (22 June/Lavanderia a Vapore) was born from the need to question belonging to a generation that grew up with the promise of infinite possibilities. The vocabulary of movement focuses on non-verbal communication, appropriating and shaping it choreographically. On stage, the performer acts under the spotlights maneuvered to the rhythm of live music by DJs and lighting designers. Igor Urzelai (Spain) and Moreno Solinas (Italy) studied at the London Contemporary Dance School in London starting to collaborate in 2007. They co-founded ‘BLOOM! dance collective ‘in 2009 and Hiru Dance Org. In 2012 it was the foundation of Igor x Moreno, a contemporary dance company based between London and Sassari. Since its formation the company has shot numerous works, meeting success with audiences and critics. To name a few: Idiot-Syncracy (2013) also presented at Interplay A Room For All Of Our Tomorrows (2015), Andante (2017), Limited Celestial Space (2019) and BEAT (2019). Over the years it has been nominated in several awards, including Total Theater Award for Dance and the National Dance Awards in England, and promoted by numerous international platforms such as the British Council Showcase, Aerowaves, British Dance Edition and the NID platform in Italy.

This year the Festival wanted to offer a special space to EMERGING ARTISTS on the national scene, adding 6 emerging dancers to the 6 established realities. NECESSARY CONDITION for Interplay’s know-how in such a difficult time when younger artists are suffering further discrimination. Indicated by critics as a LEADING REALITY on the national scene for the originality of the choreographic choices and authorial skills, the scheduled artists have been selected for the Young Author’s Dance Showcase 2020. The duo designed by NICOLA SIMONE CISTERNINO presents SOBOTTA-THE SQUARE. On stage the magnificent Jari Boldrini and Sara Sguotti face each other, as in a ring, challenging each other to build instant scenes without a linear narrative, touching different emotional ghosts (May 27/Lavanderia a Vapore). Cisternino works professionally first with the Petrillo Danza company, then with Virgilio Sieni. He collaborates with Rhythms Underground, Collettivo Cani, Mda danza, MuxArte, Kinkaleri, Piergiorgio Milano, Abbondanza / Bertoni, Cristina Rizzo, Company Blu and Silvia Gribaudi. Finalist of the 2018 DNA choreographic note award, with the show SOBOTTA he is also selected within the Showcase of the young author’s dance / Network Anticorpi XL / Ammutinamenti Festival of Ravenna. Wins the NaoCrea 2019 call and is scheduled at the Nao performing festival 2019 by Ariella Vidach at the MestreMonAmour 2019 Festival and the Direzioni Altre festival by Cie Twain. JARI BOLDRINI and GIULIO PETRUCCI sign the show EVENTO with which they win the Danza & Danza 2020 Award as best performers. The show stems from the desire to convey an experience of the body without any type of filter. The engine is the duo’s lightning-fast exchange of information, where rhythmic times respond to a visual impulse and the geometry of the space changes repeatedly (9 June/Casa del Teatro). Interpreters and choreographers collaborate individually with various Italian and international realities, collecting experiences in common with the authors Fabrizio Favale, CrisDna K. Rizzo, Virgilio Sieni and Stefano Questorio. In 2020 they get the support of Simona Bertozzi’s Nexus Factory, with the “Event” project they are selected at the Anticorpi XL 2020 Showcase, at Anghiari Dance Hub 2020, at the Twain_Direzioni AWARD. NICOLAS GRIMALDI CAPITELLO is author, performer and member of the Ass. Cornelia. He works with the Belgian company Ultima Vez of Wim Vandekeybus, Dimitris Papaioannou, Olivier Dubois, Abbondanza / Bertoni and Nicola Galli / TIR Danza. KURUP, winner of the New Dance Generation AWARD, AWARD and special mention Danzare il Borgo, scheduled for June 18 at the Lavanderia a Vapore, has also been selected for Danza Urbana XL 2020. LUCREZIA GABRIELI, after training abroad, participates in festivals and events with short performances in 2018, presenting the first “cubic millimeter” solo at Fabbrica Europa PlatformA35. In 2019 she is selected with her second work for “Anghiari Dance Hub 2019” with the STRETCHING ONE’S ARMS AGAIN project, scheduled at Interplay on June 19 at the Lavanderia a Vapore. Taking inspiration from the artwork Untitled (Blue, Yellow, Green on Red) by Mark Rothko, in shades of blue, green and yellow, the author explores the individualistic character of man with choreographic language, using the tip. Used here not out of nostalgia for the past but as a tool yet to be explored and, changing its approach, used to seek new possibilities for movement in which it is a simple extension of the body in search of its balance. MARTINA GAMBARDELLA is a young performer who trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leedsin Uk and then in Berlin at the Axis Syllabus International Research Community Hub, obtaining a Diploma in Developing Artistic Practice at the London Contemporary Dance School. For the first time at Interplay it brings ERROR#1 selected by the Anticorpi XL Network for the Young Danza d’Autore 2020 Showcase, it stands out on the scene for its ability to play on the variation of rhythm and energy (27 May / Lavanderia a Vapore). SARA SGUOTTI is a popular performer in dance shows with Virgilio Sieni, Anton Lachky, Roberto Magro, Cristina Rizzo and Simona Bertozzi. He begins his personal journey with S. Ruale (duet) /S.SOLO (solo) with which he wins the Corto in Danza AWARD and the 2017 DNA choreographic announcement, making his debut at the Rome Europe Festival in 2018. In 2016 he begins, together to Nicola Simone Cisternino, to the SA.NI. and with Tuttuno they are among the WINNERS of the Italia dei Visionari 2017 call, of the Cura 2017 call, as well as being selected for the Anticorpi XL Showcase. In 2019 Sara begins a research on “relationship with the public ” through a solo called SOME OTHER PLACE (May 19 at the Casa del Teatro). Here the choreographic device creates a disorganized movement in which the performer offers herself to the gaze of the spectators trying to involve them and take them as passengers in an intimate and labyrinthine process in continuous adaptation.

INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITIES allow a look at very different poetics and languages. The Israeli ROY ASSAF stands out among the many, with the show FIGURE NO.16 (June 18 / Lavanderia a Vapore). Presented for the first time in December 2020 within the prestigious Tel Aviv INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE event, it is a performance at the limit of metaphysics, which tells the invisible with an investigation into the depths of the author and his existence, transporting on stage a series of key images of his journey. Roy Assaf has made his mark all over the world, working with renowned organizations such as the Théâtre National de Chaillot, the Venice Biennale, the Los Angeles Dance Project (LADP), The Royal Swedish Ballet, the Batsheva Dance Company and the Juilliard School of New York, winning the Danza & Danza AWARD for best foreign author in 2016. Singular is the training of ELÍAS AGUIRRE, a Spanish artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, then at the Royal Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid, earning a Masters in Performing Arts from the Rey Juan Carlos University. Director of documentaries on nature and choreographer, Aguirre combines these two passions in PEZ ESFINGE, a research work on the details of underwater nature, which sees him on stage with the magnificent CHEY JURADO, admired at the festival with a work in urban in 2019. in the human abyssal background, where the imperceptible moments of the underwater flora become a metaphor for human shyness, ready to explode into pure energy (May 21 / Casa del Teatro). Energetic, fast and dynamic the BOLERO by JILL CROVISIER (LUX). A choreography on roller skates in which the protagonist moves within a small space of one square meter, following the fast pace of Ravel’s masterpiece and looking for his dimension in a world that is always too fast (12 June / Laundry steam powered). Jill Crovisier trained at the Conservatory of the city of Esch sur Alzette before continuing her studies in China, France, the United States, Indonesia and Israel. She is also a dancer and teacher. OUT OF THE BLUE is a performance on the reality of dreams proposed as an immersive experience involving the public (12 June / Lavanderia a Vapore). The performers accompany the audience into the world of unconsciousness seen as a creative drive, recreating a sensation similar to that one feels when entering a dream. DANIELLE HUYGHE and ALEXANDRA VERSCHUUREN, two young dancers and choreographers from the Netherlands, have worked with established artists such as Dario Tortorelli, Caroline Finn, Ann Van den Broeck and Anton Lachky and studied at the prestigious P.A.R.T.S. of Brussels. They built this work during a residency at the Dansateliers in Rotterdam, WINNING THE 1st PRIZE for best choreography at 25Masdanza (Gran Canaria) and finalist of the 10 Sentidos Festival (Valencia).
The Association wanted to respect the commitments made in 2020, helping non-Italian companies as much as possible: for this reason it has decided to recover some OUTDOOR shows scheduled for the last edition, rescheduling them in June at Lavanderia a Vapore. These include MEETING POINT by ASIER ZABALETA (19 June/Lavanderia a Vapore) who, after having worked as an interpreter for various companies, in 2004 creates the company ERTZA, with the aim of finding a new space in which different artistic disciplines can collaborate with physical expression. His works have been admired in China, the Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Russia, El Salvador, Mexico, Israel, Europe and Africa. With Ego he won the award for Best Contemporary Choreography in Chelyabinsk (Russia) and two nominations for Golden Mask of Russia (Russian National Dance and Theater Awards) in the category of Best Contemporary Dance Production and Best Choreographer, and the Max Price for Best Show of street with Meeting Point. Another work rescheduled from 2020 is LOOP by the Russian duo FARFORYO directed by EVGENIY MELENTIEV (22 June/Lavanderia a Vapore). In her artistic project, dance is conceived as a new way of interacting with the environment and its elements: literature, art, architecture, streets, fashion, people, with which to create an ever-changing dialogue based on improvisation. Over the past year Loop has been presented in several international urban dance festivals, including the 24MasDanza of the Canary Islands, the Danzad Danzad Malditos (Pamplona, ​​Spain) and the VDNKH StreetFestival Rhytm of the City (Moscow, Russia).



> ÉTAPE DANSE is a trilateral project for international choreographic residencies that aims to promote the new promising creations of significant choreographers of the contemporary scene, from France, Germany and Italy. The program, initiated by the Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse à Berlin, was born from the collaboration between Fabrik Potsdam, La Maison CDCN Uzès Gard Occitanie, Théâtre de Nîmes to which the Mosaico Danza Association has been added since December 2018. From 2019 Mosaico Danza involves the PDV – Lavanderia a Vapore/Residence Center, in order to make the project sustainable, providing the artists selected for Étape Danse with a professional working space, contributing to their artistic growth, and promoting intercultural dialogue between guest artists and local companies. From 2021 Interplay also involves Torinodanza Festival, Teatro Stabile di Torino Foundation – National Theater, thus further increasing the financial support in support of contemporary dance. The project thus develops its international vocation in the best possible way, reaching every year to support 3 talented selected companies: one French, one German and one Italian. For 2021, after having supported Silvia Gribaudi, Enrico & Ginevra over the years, the support went to Carlo Massari.

> CROSSING THE SEA 2018/2019 + 2020/2021 + 2021/2022, winner of the first, second and third edition of the Boarding Pass Plus call from the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, it is a live show internationalization project born with the aim of creating and consolidating long-term collaborations between Italy, the Middle East and Asia, involving 18 international partners. The seven Italian partners, of which Marche Teatro is the leader, have launched a path aimed at young artists and operators in the sector aimed at promoting networking opportunities, sharing good practices, encouraging international co-productions, bilateral exchanges, encouraging participation in Asian platforms and international meetings, while developing new shared projects and an efficient flow of information between professionals in the sector.

> The collaboration with the CASA DEL TEATRO of TORINO and the LAVANDERIA A VAPORE of COLLEGNO is renewed which, despite the criticality caused by the pandemic and the consequent closure of the theaters (making it much more difficult to find theaters available for the requested dates), offered own spaces to host the festival shows. Always with the aim of sharing projects and economic resources aimed at having an impact on the territory, we replicate the collaboration with the show PALCOSCENICO DANZA directed by PAOLO MOHOVICH and the Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa/TPE. The aim is to support the co-production of a young choreographer from the local area, through the offer of residences, feedback during the creative process and support for production, giving the opportunity to be programmed within our events. This year’s choice was for young DANIELE SALVITTO. Also this year we renew our collaboration with the MIRABILIA Festival for sharing and promoting the language of the contemporary in non-theatrical spaces. A new collaboration with the INCANTI- puppetry show, directed by Alberto Jona, is expected in 2021 through the shared hospitality of Virgilio Sieni’s Nudity dance show.



Mosaico Danza has been a partner of ANTICORPI XL since 2007, the largest Italian network made up of Festivals, Reviews and Circuits in support of young author dancers. Twenty-two Piedmontese artists selected in 13 years of collaboration with the Anticorpi XL Showcase.


CROSSING THE SEA 2018/2019 + 2020/2021, winner of the first and second edition of the Boarding Pass Plus call of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities – is a live show internationalization project born with the aim of creating and consolidating collaborations long-term between Italy, the Middle East and Asia, involving 18 international partners. The 7 Italian partners, of which Marche Teatro is the leader, have launched a path aimed at young artists and operators in the sector aimed at promoting networking opportunities,

Sharing good practices, promoting international co-productions, bilateral exchanges, encouraging participation in Asian platforms and international meetings, while developing new shared projects and an efficient flow of information between professionals in the sector.


AN ECO-SUSTAINABLE FESTIVAL> to compensate for the pollution we produce

> Green good practice projects
Mosaico Danza Association has tried to understand how to make its own the environmental emergency, an increasingly topical issue that requires investment both by citizens and, above all, by Public Bodies, Companies and Associations, also to activate actions that COMPENSATE THE POLLUTION WE GENERATE with our initiatives.
By removing the idea that artists have to change their poetics, creating specific shows on climate change to be included in our program to raise awareness of environmental issues in our audience, we have chosen to act directly.
We have put ourselves at the forefront of the fight against pollution by investing in green projects. To do this, the Festival team undertook a careful market survey, comparing different platforms that put the environment and the reduction of pollution at the center. So we made our #GREEN CHOICE: researchers and scientists have demonstrated that to save the planet every inhabitant of the earth should plant a tree.
We have decided to start from there. We met with the organizers of TREEDOM, BIORFARM and 4OCEAN who support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations Development Program to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, as part of a new agenda for sustainable development.
TREEDOM and BIORFARM have among their aims those of reabsorbing CO2, increasing green areas and encouraging the work of small farmers in Italy and around the world. All trees are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, emit oxygen, promote biodiversity and much more.
Specifically BIORFARM supports small Italian farms by helping farmers and inviting citizens to adopt fruit trees.TREEDOM supports the planting of trees in Asia, Africa, South America and Italy, contributing to the achievement of 10 Goals to ensure a sustainable future. All the trees planted with TREEDOM GREEN START project have various purposes: the improvement of the soil, the use of leaves as feed for livestock, the consumption of fruits, the use for traditional medicine, the repopulation of various animal species and wind protection thus reducing the evaporation of water from the ground.
> Interplay green&blue
4ocean is a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp that removes trash from the ocean, rivers or coastlines. 4ocean was founded on the belief that business can be a force for good and that the single actions of individual people, collectively, have the power to change the world. The dedicated crews weigh, photograph, and insert the collected material into the TrashTracker before being transported to the regional operational bases. In each base, the plastic is sorted by type, color and condition before being sent to recycling partners for flaking, washing, and pelletizing. These pellets are the raw material used for 4OCEAN products. Although recycling is the top priority, there are some materials that are too contaminated, deteriorated or economically disadvantageous to recycle in some countries. The team works with various local facilities to find the most sustainable method of disposal for those materials as well
In total, the Festival bought 50 trees, favoring the reabsorption of CO2 for about 10 tons, and 10 kg of plastic from the waters of the sea and rivers.
We are very keen to make spectators, citizens and artists aware of the possibility of MAKING A DIFFERENCE, by adhering to these projects too.
Thanks to these collaborations it will be possible to encourage and support environmental projects at local, national and international level, also aimed at supporting biodiversity and respecting work ethic.
Each initiative will be shared and promoted by the Festival through the hashtag #INTERPLAYGREEN.

> A festival that has always been attentive
In 2018, Interplay paid particular attention to the Arab world, joining the FOCUS YOUNG ARAB CHOREOGRAPHERS project, created with the aim of facilitating mobility, intercultural dialogue and the exchange of performative practices between Arab artists and local Italian realities. For the occasion, meetings, work sessions and show nights were organized. On May 25 of that year, at the end of the show DISPLACEMENT by the Syrian artist Mithkal Alzghair, a meeting was held between the audience and the choreographer in collaboration with DAMS / UniTO, coordinated by the scholar and professor of history of dance Susanne Franco with the presence of a delegation of MEDICI SENZA FRONTIERE, to whom part of the incomes of the evening were donated and which we support with a monthly donation.



In twenty-six years of activity, Mosaico Danza has organized events and projects that have contributed to bringing attention to the language of the contemporary, to young choreographers and to the need to give life to new spaces dedicated to creation (from the CONTRAPPUNTI review / shows in places of art – 1994-2003; to the projects of the INSIDE / OFF review – 2007/2017, residences and network projects in support of young choreographers). There have been many initiatives, declined in different ways, aimed at “EDUCATION OF THE AUDIENCE”: the involvement of the militant critics of the ALTRE VELOCITÀ collective in the 2000s, through workshops for active critical viewers, and subsequently for the project carried out in partnership with the magazine live show Krapp’s Last Post, dedicated to young secondary school teenagers and university students; Youngest Critics for Dance / YC4D, created in partnership with Dams / UniTo. Looking for new ways and different connections with the subjects of the territory, aimed at involving a new audience, the association inaugurated in 2019 the pilot project of “CHOREOGRAPHIC INCLUSION” for the metropolitan stages “DIFFUSED INTERPLAY/INTERPLAY DIFFUSO”. The new section of the festival has brought dance out of the theaters with the desire to experiment with a different design for a new audience. The programming of well-known national and international companies (always and only for the urban dance section) works along this line, asking them to work alongside performances with professional and non-professional dancers, directed by well-known choreographers, in a CHOREOGRAPHIC INCLUSION project. Short performances, site specific dance mini pills, exportable to unusual urban contexts. The Pandemic has blocked the project which will be resumed when it will be possible to return to a certain normality. Despite the closure of the theaters, alongside more traditional projects, in 2020 we therefore had to find new strategies to go on stage and to reach the public. Despite the complications that arose with the Covid-19 emergency, Interplay 20/20 managed to increase its communication channels by increasing traffic on its social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) and on its website, thanks to a plan of strategic communication which began to increase from February 2020 through the implementation of different actions. The goal was to keep the attention on the live show alive and active, trying to convey a sense of closeness and empathy with our audience and to retain new virtual users during such a difficult historical moment.



Artistic and organizational direction of INTERPLAY
Natalia Casorati
Organizational, production and logistics
Marta Zannoner e Annalisa Gariglio
Social media
Michela Voglino
Reception of companies and theater management
Fabrizio Nuvoli, Pietro Massaioli
Press office
Francesca Massaioli
Technical direction
Antonietta Russo e Guido Mazzucca/AR Service
Graphic designer
Andrea Massaioli
Photography and website management
Andrea Macchia
Video maker and digital
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