04 June 2022 18:00 - OUTDOOR FOCUS SPAIN

IMBARCHINO Viale Umberto Cagni, 37 – Parco del Valentino Torino

ADAMA. A telluric dance that emerges from the depths of the earth and twisted roots, of wilderness, of trees separated on the surface that muddle their roots underground, that embrace each other below in a built-in web that connects them, that makes them strong and secure. The original music by Pablo Polo, uses the sound of a language without origin. To the rhythm of these voices, a dance evocative of nature and its free will is built, freeing these three bodies, nevertheless trapped on a planet insignificant in front of the size of its solar system. Performance selected for the RED A CIELO ABIERTO 2021 circuit. Choreographer MARIO BERMUDEZ GIL found inspiration for this new work in the natural landscape of his hometown of Vilches, the city where his company is also based. When he plants his feet on the red earth and looks far into the horizon, it is his land, his children, his parents, his grandparents and his ancestors, all of whom grew up in the culture of the earth, under the telluric dictates.

MARCAT DANCE. Artistic home of award-winning Spanish choreographer MARIO BERMUDEZ GIL and American co-founder CATHERINE COURY. Since its founding in 2016, the company has performed and taught at renowned venues and festivals in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, including Festival Italica (Spain), Jacob’s Pillow (USA), Vanguard Body (China), Festival Prisma (Panama), and Inbal Teatro (Israel). Marcat Dance has an extensive repertoire that includes three evening works, four mid-evening works, and eight short films that have received First Prize in Choreography from four different international choreography competitions including Certamen Internacional de Choreografia Burgos – Nueva York (2019), Festival Internacional de Danza Masdanza (2018), and Certamen Choreografico Distrito de Tetuan Madrid (2017); and received production awards from the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (2018) and the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (2016). Marcat Dance has received generous support through creative residencies at ACASA Scenario Pubblico in Sicily (2020), The Croft Residency (2018), Centro de Danza Canal in Madrid, Spain (2017), Dancers Workshop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (2017) and ongoing support from Teatro Miguel Hernandez in Vilches, Jaen (2016-present). The Company regularly teaches at prestigious venues including Ballet Preljocaj in Aix-en-Provence, France; The National Dance Company of Wales, UK; Wee Dance Company in Gorlitz, Germany; and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA, among others. In 2018, Marcat Dance launched the University of Michigan’s first study abroad program for the Department of Dance.
The company is dedicated to sharing their creativity and joy of movement through performance, creation, and teaching opportunities around the world. Marcat Dance believes in the power of imagination, creative risk-taking, and the continued pursuit of dynamic physicality. Marcat Dance connects to the human spirit and finds inspiration from the cultures, rituals and landscapes of the world.

By Mario Bermudez Gil
Company Marcat Dance
With Mario Bermudez Gil, Catherine Coury, Marilisa Gallicchio
Original music Pablo Polo

Performance selected for the RED A CIELO ABIERTO 2021 circuit


durata 11'