30 May 2022 21:00

Lavanderia a Vapore Corso Pastrengo, 51 Collegno (TO)

RIGHT. A free adaptation of Igor Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du printemps, Right by Carlo Massari, for nine dancers of the Florentine company Opus Ballet, re-proposes the myth of the propitiatory sacrifice of a virgin in a modern key. The contemporary and ‘unvarnished’ reinterpretation of the imposing work staged first by Vaclav Nižinskij and then by Pina Bausch wants to recall today, specifically, the theme of violence against women. Locked up in a sort of psychiatric hospital, the protagonists of this choral drama do not have the right to choose whether to exist in their identity as women or to be only useful objects for a very precise purpose: to procreate. After the successes of Beast without Beauty, a suffocating duet on the theme of the desire for power and oppression, and Les Misérables, a ruthless quartet on the mediocrity that surrounds us, this latest raw and violent production continues Massari’s investigation into the theme of human bestiality. Defined by critics as dark, intense, visceral and impetuous, “Right” calls to mind Foucault’s philosophy of the panopticon, of a Big Brother who monitors and punishes. Therefore, it presents itself not only as a denunciation against violence against women, but against all forms of imposition and oppression, both mental and physical.

Dopo lo spettacolo seguirà una chiacchierata con la critica e studiosa Elisa Guzzo sul tema: PROVOCAZIONI > La donna in posizione attiva, direttiva, è accettata solo come motore e sostegno, come curatrice, al servizio. Ha ancora senso la battaglia femminista? Cosa vuol dire la parola artista, felicemente neutra, né maschile né femminile? Come convive il femminismo, che non ha vinto, con le altre battaglie montanti sulle identità, che filtrano in ogni tipologia di performance?

CARLO MASSARI. In 2011 he co-founded C&C Company, a research and production company in the field of dance-theatre (MIC recognized), for which he is Artistic Director and choreographer. In 2020 he was awarded the CollaborActionXL prize by the AnticorpiXL Network and became an Associate Artist of the Oriente Occidente Festival.
The C&C identifies itself as a project of creation and development of an artistic language directed towards a physical and dramaturgical investigation, aimed at transmitting and sharing energies and creativity in the most direct, clear and real way possible in close relation with the urgent contemporary social issues.
Numerous productions boast intense tours, as well as prestigious international awards, including Hiver Oclytes / Les Hivernales, International Choreographic Competition Hannover, Zawirowania Competition, Konzert Theater Berne, Machol Shalem Dance Competition, ACT Festival, Premio Roma Danza.
There are recurring creations that involve, both in the design and in the performance, the communities with which the Company comes into contact, establishing a dialogue with the community that can strengthen the artistic project, making it concrete and effective: a search for relational truth characterizes the poetics of C&C and combines a total imaginative openness to a creative curiosity capable of developing the abstract from reality and to bring the public closer to the theatrical experience.

Original creation Carlo Massari
Performers Aura Calarco, Sofia Galvan, Ginevra Gioli, Stefania Menestrina, Giulia Orlando, Giuseppina Randi, Rebeca Zucchegni
With the participation of 5 women over 65 in definizione
Artistic collaboration Emanuele Rosa
Lighting design Francesco Massari
Project coordination Rosanna Brocanello
General consulting Laura Pulin
Production secretary Margherita Fantoni
Organizational contribution Federico Grilli
Re-elaboration from “Le sacre du Printemps” di I.F.Stravinsky
Production C&C Company e COB Compagnia Opus Ballet
In coproduction with Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Oriente Occidente Dance Festival, Associazione Culturale Mosaico Danza/Interplay Festival
With the support of: Progetto internazionale Étape Danse, realizzato grazie a Mosaico Danza/Interplay Festival in partnership con Lavanderia a Vapore – Centro di Residenza per la Danza/ Piemonte dal Vivo – Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare e Festival Torinodanza/Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale.
And with the support of Centro di Residenza Intercettazioni/Circuito CLAPS
Artistic direction C&C Company Carlo Massari
Artistic direction COB Compagnia Opus Ballet Rosanna Brocanello

Project winner of the CollaborAction#5 Award
CollaborAction XL | action Network Anticorpi XL support for author’s dance


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