HOW TO_just another bolero


09 June 2022 18:00


HOW TO_just another bolero. Duo created on the famous notes of Maurice Ravel’s Boléro, composition for orchestra of 1928. The incessant beating of the drum and the melody of the work have guided the two authors in the creation of eighteen images, as eighteen are the repetitions of the theme, arranged in a gradual and continuous crescendo from the initial pianissimo to the majestic final. The play is a metaphor of today’s existential condition: the eighteen images are molded into each other, looking for their own vital space and adapt to the suspended time. The two performers, like captive animals, are forced into a cage without bars, which has become familiar and homely. They both seem to have forgotten their own nature, their respective roles and the rules of behavior for peaceful coexistence. Like domesticated animals dependent on each other, they are observed from the outside at 360°, as the main attractions of a zoo. Almost totally stripped of their earthly clothes, the two are destined to repeat the same actions, in a clumsy loop of attempts, mistakes and a final, illusory escape from above. Without any happy ending, the two performers surrender to their own condemnation. HOW TO _ just another Boléro wants to become a portrait of today’s attempts to re-learn HOW to behave, HOW to touch each other, HOW to cooperate, HOW to help each other, HOW to love each other, between dramatic and ironic tones.

EMANUELE ROSA E MARIA FOCARACCIO. HOW TO represents the first project combining the choreographic practices of Emanuele Rosa and Maria Focaraccio. Winner project of Call from the Aisle 2021, it is supported by CURA Centro Umbro Residenze Artistiche, Corsia Of Centro di Creazione Contemporanea and Micro Teatro Terra Marique. The first chapter of the project, titled “HOW TO _ just another Boléro” has been selected among the 14 creations of the Showcase of young dance extra 2021.
Emanuele Rosa and Maria Focaraccio started together a path of research and work focused on the issue of gender. Leaving a veil of irony on the themes investigated, the two young authors bring to the stage, sweetened, the world that surrounds them. Their work starts from the archives of classical and contemporary dance, training and professional background of both, to meet the languages of visual and performing art and constantly open to collaborations with various artists of the European scene.

Concept, Coreography, Performance Emanuele Rosa e Maria Focaraccio
Costumes Emanuele Rosa & Maria Focaraccio
Lights Michele Piazzi
Dramaturgical support Carlotta Jarchow
With the support of Morphine Raum, Berlin (DE), C&C Company / Carlo Massari, Bologna (IT)

Creation selected for the Showcase of young dance author 2021 – action of the Network Antibodies XL.
Winner project of Call from the Aisle 2021, supported by CURA Centro Umbro Artistic Residencies, Lane Of – Center for Contemporary Creation, Micro Macro Terra Marique


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