25 May 2022 21:00

Lavanderia a Vapore Corso Pastrengo, 51 Collegno (TO)

How long will you stay hidden behind a clay statue?” Perfect calcs showing the victims in the position in which they died. Since 79 A.D., so for eternity. Taking a cue from the cast of “Gli amanti”…

GLI AMANTI, an eighteen-minute pièce yet already reported by critics as “the dream of an absolute love between two people.” (Exibart Oct/2021). It is inspired by the famous Pompeian calcs buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD and found exactly one hundred years ago, in 1922. Starting from that hug made eternal by death, as an archaeological project, the work tries to dig even deeper, to bring to light the story that the two lovers lived before remaining forever in each other’s arms. For years, archaeologists have wondered if the bodies were of a man and a woman, two young men, or a mother and child. The artist’s reading of this uncertainty therefore revolves around the themes of unconditional love and focuses on gender as an issue that questions today’s society through that of yesterday. The show has been staged in several cultural events both nationally and internationally and has been selected for Aerowaves 21 and the Young Author Dance Showcase 2021.

ADRIANO BOLOGNINO, born in 1995 and began to study at the Regional Center of Dance in Naples directed by Mara Fusco. His research and experimentation path merges history and social issues, emotional sphere and interpersonal relationships, in a narrative in which the body becomes a page and at the same time an ink of that narrative.
In 2019 he creates for the company EgriBiancoDanza “Your body is a battleground/Trio Version” and for the training course OCDP VERONA “Prelude of the soul”. In the same year, with “RM94978 from Paris to Tenerife” is selected for the Showcase of young dance author 2019, is the finalist of the Twain_direzioniAltre Prize and won the Prize Prospettiva Danza Padova.
He is one of the choreographers of Anghiari Dance Hub 2019. In 2021 he is the winner of the Call for Creation 2021 with the project “Rua da Saudade”, also selected for Cortoindanza 2021, Premio Twain Direzioni Altre Festival 2021 and NID Platform 2021.

By Adriano Bolognino
With Rosaria Di Maro e Giorgia Longo
Production Anghiari Dance Hub
Music Akira Rabelais – 1382 Wyclif Gen. II. 7 and Spiride in to the Face of Hym an Entre of Breth of Lijf. / 1671 Milton Samson 1122 Add Thy Spear, A Weavers Beam, And Seven-Times-Folded Shield.

Creation selected for Aerowaves Twenty21 and Antibodies XL 21


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