08 June 2022 21:45

Lavanderia a Vapore Corso Pastrengo, 51 Collegno (TO)

DIVERGENCE. It is a show whose original spark sinks into the traditional acrobatic fight scene at the Beijing Opera “At the Crossroad,” which features a table, a chair and two people on stage who neither speak nor sing. Like “At the Crossroads,” Divergence presents a bare place in which the paths of two lonely entities collide, resulting in an open-stage duel. The play brings to the stage the moment of collision between these two divergent paths. And then the consequent states of agitation and calm, in the whirlwind of opposites that mark the steps of a struggle that can never be resolved by reaching a final result of victory or defeat. Divergence is presented as an oriental pantomime, a mute scenic representation, in which the action is entrusted solely to the gesture, facial expression and body movements. The energy and emotion of the clash dissolve into a walk in which the contenders walk side by side as if they were one, perhaps recognizing that the opponent is nothing more than a representation of the self.

B. DANCE. Created in 2014 and directed by the young Taiwanese choreographer Po-Cheng Tsai, B Dance is rightfully among the emerging contemporary dance companies on the international scene. In fact, in just five seasons, the company has been hosted in the most important theaters and festivals in Germany, Spain, Israel, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, China, the United Kingdom and France, where in 2019 it stood out at the Festival d’Avignone.

CHIEN-CHIH CHANG. He graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts in performance and choreography. After working in Chang Dance Theater as an artistic director, Chien-Chih joined B.DANCE as a dancer and choreographer. He placed first at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition and the Burgos and New York International Choreography Competitions.

By Chien-Chih Chang
With Siang-Fu Zeng e Tse-An Lin
Production B. DANCE Company
Original music Jun-De Liu

First Prize at the MASDANZA 2021 International Contest

Named choreographer of the year in 2018 by TANZ (DE) magazine



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