10 June 2022 21:00

Lavanderia a Vapore Corso Pastrengo, 51 Collegno (TO)

BRIGHT FEATHERS. Bright Feathers is the mise en éspace of the path of rebirth of those who metabolize their own discomfort, a violence suffered from the outside or from the incessant internal conflict. The piece appears as the desire to finally be oneself, harmonizing with one’s own soul; it is a male quartet where dance is a ritual of initiation, a cathartic dialogue with the dark soul that inhabits us, that moves us and that reveals doubts, discomforts and instincts that are sometimes unavowable. Bright Feathers is a confrontation with our alter ego, which makes us ashamed and run away, but at the same time stimulates us to find a harmonized dimension of existence. Each of the twenty minutes of the choreography pushes towards a new and bright identity in spite of conventions, just like the transformation of an ugly duckling into something wonderful like a swan.

RAPHAEL BIANCO. Co-director and resident choreographer of the Egribiancodanza Company of Turin.
Born in Bombay. From the age of 12 years he studied classical and contemporary dance with Susanna Egri, joining her company in 1988. In 1991 he graduated with honors from the “University of Dance” for Choreographic Training. From 1992 to 1994 he danced with the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance “NYE Carte Blanche” in Bergen (choreography by Rui Horta, I.C. Johanssen, Solvi Edvardsen, Arne Fogerholt). Since 1999 he has been co-director and resident choreographer of the EgriBiancoDanza Company with which he has created numerous ballets commissioned by prestigious national and international festivals (Festival dell’Infiorata in Genzano, Budapest Spring Festival, Festival TorinoDanza, Ohrid International Dance Festival Macedonia, Festival Internazionale di Danza Fintdanz Chile, E45 Napoli Fringe Festival Italy, Vignale Monferrato Festival Italy, Invito alla Danza Italy…).

EGRIBIANCODANZA. The Company was founded in Turin in 1999 and has distinguished itself in recent years not only for Raphael Bianco’s creations, but also for its versatility and its social and spiritual value: all qualities that have allowed it to meet with the approval of the public and critics, and to establish itself as one of the most interesting realities of Italian dance. The EgriBiancoDanza Company gives life to the fundamental principles on which the Egri per la Danza Foundation is based: training, promotion and diffusion of the art of dance in Italy and abroad.
Fondazione Egri per la Danza and Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza are supported by: Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, Fondazione CRT, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRB, Fondazione CRC, TAP – Torino Arti Performative of the City of Turin, City of Moncalieri, and under the patronage of Piedmont Regional Council, City of Verbania, City of Vigliano Biellese, City of Cuneo.
The Company has participated in many festivals and exhibitions, including Magyar Tanc Festival Gyor, Napoli Fringe Festival, Aqui in Danza, Torinodanza Festival, Bielefeld Tanz Festival, Aura Dance Festival, Festival dei Due Mondi, Fit Dance Chile, International Dance Festival at Taganka Theatre in Moscow, Season of the National Theatre of Dance Camoes in Lisbon, International Festival of Belgrade.

Coreography Raphael Bianco
Interpreters Vincenzo Criniti, Cristian Magurano Davide Stacchini
Production Fondazione Egri per la Danza
In collaboration with Lavanderia a Vapore nell’ambito del progetto SWANS NEVER DIE
With the support of TAP- Torino Arti performative, MIC , Fondazione CRT
Original music: Andrea Giomi



durata 15'