22 May 2020 21.00 live on youtube

Casa del Teatro Corso Galileo Ferraris, 266 Torino

In a world where revolutions happen at night and laws are delegated to daytime, what new forms can rebellion take? To da bone is a work that aims to tell a “dance” born from the profound revolt of the youth who lives in the suburbs of the great cities of northern Europe. A dance born inspired by the hardcore techno music scene of the 90s and that uses different styles ranging from Hard-Dance, Tech-style and Shuffle, but in particular the Jumpstyle, also called Jump, born and spread through YouTube and concentrated on jumps and the movement of the legs, where the arms are mainly used to maintain balance. The collective (LA) HORDE investigates the role of social media, with particular attention to YouTube and Facebook, seen as a method of expression, analyzing their role in the diffusion of culture, in this case of dance that sometimes comes from posting videos on social media network, thus creating a system of virtual and real competitions between the reference communities.

Young people share their online routines, exchanging styles and ideas, thereby bringing out new interactive communities. By defining their own “post internet” language, (LA) HORDE wonders about the role of new media and how they can mobilize the masses to create movements of political and social opposition.

To da Bone was presented in 2016 during the Danse Elargie in Paris at Théâtre de la Ville, immediately enjoying a great appreciation of the public, with its expressive and choreographic methods.

(LA)HORDE is a collective founded in 2013 by three artists: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel. Together they study the codes of different artistic disciplines, especially performing art and live entertainment. Head of the Ballet National de Marseille since September 2019, the collective declared that they want to “open the performances”, bringing them to urban and cultural spaces. They created choreographies, films, video installations and performances, developing scenarios and actions that deal with current and contemporary themes and issues. In their works (LA) HORDE collaborate with the communities of individuals on the margins of the great scene, and a part of their art is also a practice of social inclusion that involves groups of seventy-year-olds, blind performers, smokers, young people, since at the center of their work there is the body. Contrary to any form of hierarchy and cultural appropriation, they create a powerful, energetic show that will take your breath away.

Choreography (LA)HORDE: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel
Director and technical David Goualou
Music Aamourocean (Antoine Boule, Ulysse Klotz)
Light Design Patrick Riou
Performers 11 non ancora specificati
Coach and sound engineer Céline Signoret
Administration and production Clemence Sormani


durata 60'