Mosaico Danza

21 > 30 MAY 2019
Waiting for INTERPLAY/19

INTERPLAY festival is dedicated to the youngest generations from the newest panorama of contemporary dance; from May 21st through May 30th in Turin, 13 among the best national and international dance companies will be on stage. The festival crosses international dance paths to shows brave aesthetics and poetic choices coming from different countries and backgrounds.

The innovation of this Nineteenth edition is to propose a swinging program between traditional stages in theatres and urban settings (INTERPLAY DIFFUSO) as unconventional public places, Art Galleries, Museums, University classrooms, and shopping centres. There will be 25 companies with more than 100 artists coming from all over the world, there will be fresh debuts with premiers and site-specific performances: new generations will dialogue with well renown well-known names.  

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