INTERPLAY‚ the festival that turns Turin into the capital of young European dance returns from May 22 to June 18‚ offering the general public a selection of the most interesting shows from the national and international performance scene.

The 2013 edition is being carried out by Mosaico Association despite the drastic cutting of some public funding that has seriously compromised the programming of the Festival‚ forcing the artistic direction to reduce the number of performance days. The news came shortly after the announcement that Mosaico won the prestigious European Culture Program 2007/2013 that will allow Interplay to present a new project in May‚ 2014‚ within the festival‚ created in collaboration with its partners in France‚ Holland‚ England and Canada.
Therefore‚ Interplay/13 has decided to reinvent itself‚ by placing emphasis on programming long format evenings with performances presented in the spaces of Astra Theatre‚ in spaces both IN and OUT of the Fonderie Limone Theatres‚ in the city center and on the outskirts of Turin.

The thirteenth edition of the Festival‚ considered one of the main appointments for discovering the future talents of international contemporary dance‚ will offer a selection of the most innovative shows of the European scene. Young choreographers who have made ​​research the focal point of their work will perform on the many stages hosting this edition‚ offering the audiences a new perspective on original dance works. Interplay Festival belongs to the national network Anticorpi XL‚ a network that brings together the leading companies active in the dance world‚ designed to support and promote young dance performances of excellence and representing Italy in the international network Ciudades Que Danzan‚ a project that every year selects and supports artists from around the world who are destined to become the protagonists of choreography in the coming years. This year‚ the Festival is also launching new collaboration strategies with its European partners‚ such as Shared In Residenza‚ a new project in collaboration with the Centre de Création Choréographique Luxemburgeoise and the choreography center Tanztendenz in Munich.

The main venues for the festival will be the prestigious stages of Astra Theatre and the Fonderie Teatrali Limone (Theatrical Foundaries) but as usual‚ there will be less conventional places with site-specific interventions in Piazza Vittorio in Turin and the presentation of special projects in Barriera di Milano (a district of Turin) and at Cecchi Point Multicultural Hub.

The program begins on May 22nd at Astra Theatre‚ the place that will host two evenings of performances characterized by a physical dramaturgy‚ created by the most innovative and experimental European choreographers. The festival opens with the thrilling melee ¿Hasta dónde ...?‚ a new work by the choreographer Sharon Fridman‚ one of the top names of the Israeli dance scene and a resident in Spain for many years. Friedman has danced with prestigious companies such as the Ido Tadmor Dance Company in Tel Aviv‚ Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company‚ Vertigo Dance Company‚ and in many projects of the Suzanne Dellal Center. Her work as a choreographer began in 2000 with the founding of the Phrasal group and subsequently developed with the creations Covered red (2000)‚ Anna (2001)‚ Waiting (2003)‚ The Creation (2004)‚ Play Boy (2005)‚ Carlos & Me (2007)‚ Q Project (2008)‚ Shakuff (2010) and Al menos dos caras (2011)‚ winning several awards including the Choreography Competition of Madrid and the Choreography Competition of Hannover.
The second performance of the evening will be by the Hungarian choreographer Ferenc Feher‚ who will present his incredible duo Tao Te‚ characterized by a personal language loosely based on hip hop‚ contemporary dance and martial arts.   Feher has preformed his shows throughout Europe‚ where he has won numerous awards including the Big Brothers Prize at the 15th National and International Contemporary Dance Festival in 2012‚ the Main Award at the 14th National and International Contemporary Dance Festival in Veszprém‚ the Rudolf Lábán Prize in 2011 and the professional award at the Budapest Fringe Festival in 2010. In addition to these consolidated artists‚ in the first part of the evening at the Astra Theatre there will also be emerging artists such as the young trio formed by Francesca Foscarini‚ Giorgia Nardini and Marco D’Agostin‚ finalists of the Premio Scenario awards‚ who will perform Spic&Span‚ an ironic pop work about beauty and its opposite‚ that shows three bodies stumbling‚ colliding and taking their distance from one another with extreme rigor.

On May 24th‚ Astra Theatre once again opens its doors to accommodate two of the most original and rigorous companies involved in choreographic research. The first show on the program is by Alessandro Sciarroni: Folk-s is an incredible work on repetition with 6 dancers‚ where performative practice and choreography are the ways to investigate time‚ creating a loop of percussive gestures where the introduction of anomalies and variations refer to a complex system of signs that evoke celebration and martyrdom. Sciarroni‚ hailed by by critics as one of the leading choreographers of the contemporary panorama nationwide‚ is the winner of the 2012 Danza & Danza award and his next creation will be produced by the Maison de la Danse in Lyon. The second part of the evening will present a performance by the Italian company Cuenca Lauro‚ founded by the Italian-English choreographer‚ Elisabetta Lauro‚ and César Augusto Cuenca Torres‚ Colombian‚ both of whom received their diplomas from the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen‚ Germany. After participating in Pina Bausch’s Sacre du Printemps and in the creations of Malou Airaudo‚ and in 2004‚ they became permanent members of the company of Wu Kuo-Chu. In Turin‚ the two dancers will present an intense excerpt from their first show‚ Hay un no sé que no sé donde‚ about the journey of research of two human beings linked by an innate sense of absence.
On May 25th‚ the international dance scene will invade the streets of the city with the Metropolitan Blitzes. Throughout the afternoon in Piazza Vittorio Veneto and Via Lagrange in Turin‚ nine of the most interesting urban dance choreographers will present works of great emotional intensity and high virtuosity‚ offering to an audience of fans‚ as well as those who are simply curious‚ a new vision of the urban landscape and of contemporary dance.
The Blitzes will be opened by Eléonore Valère Lachky‚ a French dancer who has performed with the companies of Wim Vandejeybus‚ Les Ballets C de la B and Michèle Anne de Mey‚ performing Lands‚ an extremely physical show created with the support of Charleroi Danses and hosted at Interplay with the contribution of the New Patrons ’13‚ competition within the project "Italy meets France".
The second metropolitan blitz will be entrusted to the amazing duo of the Spanish company Candelaria Antelo and Arthur Bernard‚ who will present Te odiero (I’ll hate you)‚ a fascinating work inspired by the dynamics of the relationship of a couple. The young duo has received numerous awards: in 2011‚ they won the first prize at the 7th International Contest for Dance and Performing Arts of Alcobendas in Spain and the Audience Choice award at the 25th Choreography Contest of Madrid; in 2012‚ the Best Performance award at the International Choreographic Contest of Burgos-New York‚ the First Prize and the Audience Choice award at the 18th Contemporaneous Choreographic Contest of Synodales in France and the first prize and the Audience Choice award at the 7th "No Ballet" International Choreographic Contest in Ludwigshafen‚ Germany.
The Metropolitan Blitzes will include the result of the Sharing Chore project‚ created in in collaboration with the choreographic center Electa of Teramo‚ where two dancers‚ Andrea Gallo Rosso from Turin and Manolo Perazzi from Abruzzo‚ will offer the national debut of their work NO HABLA‚ a reflection upon changes in perspective and different points of view in relation to space.
The talented dancer from Turin Daniele Ninarello will present his project‚ God Bless You‚ a performance of contemporary dance and research reflecting on the desires of everyone and on the figure of a homeless person as the guardian of unfulfilled aspirations.
Then it will be time for Traverse‚ the magical solo by Shang Chi Sun‚ a renown choreographer and dancer from Taiwan‚ who lives in Berlin and has worked with such masters as Maliphan‚ Horta‚ and Sasha Waltz. He is winner of numerous awards‚ including the Bavarian Theatre and Literature Prize‚ the Taipei Taishin Arts Award in 2007 and the “first choreography prize” at the 12th International Solo Tanz Festival of Stuttgart in 2008.
And to conclude‚ a perfomance installation that explores social and political issues concerning the role of women in the world. The work has been created by Silvia Gribaudi‚ a choreographer and 2013 Premio Equilibrio finalist‚ and by the visual artist Anna Piratti.

On May 29th and 30th‚ Interplay will move to the fascinating post-industrial location of the Fonderie Teatrali Limone‚ (Limone Foundry Theatres)‚ offering a two-day program of excellence in the national and international field of young choreography works. During the two evenings‚ audience members will have the opportunity to attend shows and performances in spaces both IN/indoors and OUT/outdoors. Each evening of shows will be preceded by an aperitif with DJ sets in collaboration with Music 90‚ during which the audience can attend site-specific urban dance events and also have the opportunity to meet the guest artists and programmers.
The evening of May 29th commences at 7 p.m. in the OUT spaces with Transport Execeptionnels‚ the amazing dance performance "for interpreters and a machine" by the French company Beau Geste of Dominique Bouvin. Acclaimed throughout Europe‚ the show presents a sort of huge machine that dances‚ threatens and caresses a dancer‚ Philippe Priasso‚ creating a striking man/machine duet. The show is hosted with the support of New Patrons ’13 and is part of the appointments of the Turin meets France events.
In the IN spaces‚ the audience can enjoy the work of the promising choreographer James Cousin‚ considered one of the best young talents in Europe. This talented British artist‚ graduated with honors from the London Contemporary Dance School in 2010‚ has had the opportunity to work as a dancer with Aletta Collins‚ Merce Cunningham and Kerry Nicholl and has earned numerous awards and accolades in just a few years‚ working with some of the most interesting figures on the international choreography scene. In his brief career‚ so far Cousin has received the prestigious Robert Cohan Award‚ was part of the cast of the film Swan Lake and the show Fusional Fragments of the Marc Brew Company. In 2009‚ his pièce The Still Point won the London Contemporary Dance Competition for the Best Performance and Best Choreography and was a semi-finalist at the Burgos-New York Competition in Spain. In Turin‚ Cousin will make his national debut of There we have been‚ an award-winning work at Sadler’s Well in the New Adventures Choreographer Award Showcase in September 2012.
The second part of the evening will present FLATLAND‚ a new work by Mor Shani‚ an Israeli-born artist‚ active in the Netherlands since 2007‚ and one of the most important choreographers of the moment. With his previous work‚ the duo Lu Carmella‚ Shani won numerous awards including the Ron Amit award at the Festival of Budapest and a mention at the 2010 Dutch Swan Award for the dance production of greatest effect. Shani has also won two prestigious international awards from the ATC Festival in Spain and the Shades of Dance Festival in Israel and he was part of of the DansClick tour in 2011.
The first evening at the Limone Founderies will conclude with the young Belgian artist Jan Martens‚ who will present A small guide on how to treat your lifetime companion‚ selected by the Areowaves network. Martins has worked as a performer with lKoen De Preter‚ United-C‚ Mor Shani and Ann Van den Broek. In 2009‚ he began to develop his choreographic research‚ choosing to particularly focus on the concepts of beauty and ugliness of the you and me concept.

The second evening at the Fonderie Limone will open with the usual aperitif and DJ sets in the OUT spaces and the presentation of the work of a very young choreographer‚ Nicola Galli‚ presenting his firstcreation‚ O | Proiezione dell’architettura ossea (Projection of bone architecture)‚ a work masterfully executed on a quadrangular platform of bubble wrap‚ where portions of movement are repeated over and over until becoming layered one over another.
In the IN spaces‚ Interplay will host two interesting Italian companies: the Turin collective Tecnologia Filosofica‚ which will present their first study for FinCheMorte‚ while the second part of the evening will be dedicated to the touching performance of Parkin’son by the aclaimed Italian choreographer‚ who also works in the Netherlands‚ Giulio D’Anna. The Italian choreographer‚ hailed by critics as the real point of reference of the emerging new dance nationally‚ winner of the 2011 Premio Equilibrio award‚ the prestigious Dioraphte award at the closure of the Nederlandse Dansdagen and the 2012 Danza&danza award‚ has also been chosen for the Production Award of Collaboraction’13‚ a new project to support young choreographers designed by the Antibodies XL network. The show arose from the desire to use "limit" as a source of opportunity and tell two stories with the chronological order of illustrious lives‚ focusing on the exaltation of moments and events that might not seem noteworthy to an external eye‚ but which make existence a memorable one. What are these two bodies telling us‚ what with one of them being‚ at the same time‚ the idea of the future and the other that of the past? In Parkin’son‚ the interpreters are a 62-year-old therapist who has had no dance training and a 31-year-old choreographer: a comparison of two generations‚ a father and his son telling us a story through their bodies.

The Festival continues in the month of June with three appointments: June 8th‚ and June 18th and 19th‚ that have been designed to provide visibility and promotion for the choreographic realities of the territory and to publicly present two new creations.

Presented as part of the year dedicated to Active citizenship‚ on June 8th there will be the urban dance project Add Up‚ a work by Dario La Stella and Valentina Solinas‚ choreographer of the Turin-based company Senza Confini di Pelle. The Add Up > Barriera Senza Confini project is based on the desire to actively involve residents of the “Barrier of Milan” neighborhood in an artistic process leading to the creation of an itinerant performance in spaces in the neighborhood. The closing performance is built around a journey in stages in which the architectural aspects of the Barrier of Milan are brought to light‚ in tune with the imagination of its inhabitants‚ on an emotional journey to discover the most significant places of the district through the poetic act of dancing and the contemplation of walking. The project will be carried out thanks to the collaboration of the architect Valentina Drocco.

The second creation is made from the collective work of three young choreographers selected for the SHARED Residency - Daniele Ninarello‚ from Italy‚ Yuko Kominami from Luxembourg and Stephan Herwirg from Germany - which will be presented both on June 18th at the Mosaico Danza facilities and on June 19th at the Cecchi Point Multicultural Hub. The project has been achieved in collaboration with the choreographic center TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois and the choreographic center Tanztendenz in Munich‚ in partnership with Torinodanza\Fondazione del Teatro Stabile di Torino‚ with the Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation \Circuito Teatrale del Piemonte and the Goethe Institute of Turin. The Shared in Residency project involves the selection of a few young artists who work in creative synergy while sharing their work during the three residences at the choreographic centers of the partners involved in the project. The objective of the project is to foster artistic and educational growth through the sharing of different working methods and for mobility within Europe. The project‚ which lasts one year and is aimed at young artists‚ is monitored by Christiane Blaise‚ director of the CDC Le Pacifique in Grenoble and also the creator of the competition Reconnaissance‚ is carried out ​​in collaboration with the Maison de la Danse in Lyon.

<em>di Fabio Melotti</em>

<em>di Fabio Melotti</em>