Crossing the sea

Crossing the Sea

The Italian live show traveling to the East

Winner for the second year of the MiBACT Boarding Pass Plus call, “Crossing the sea” is a project to internationalize the live show, aiming to create and consolidate long-term collaborations between Italy, the Middle East and Asia through a dedicated mobility fund.

Starting from autumn 2018, the seven Italian partners and the numerous international partners (25 from this year), through a call dedicated to young artists and operators in the sector, have started an internationalization process aimed at promoting networking and sharing opportunities for good practices, fostering international co-productions, bilateral exchanges and direct audience knowledge in the various countries, encouraging participation in international platforms and meetings.

Thanks to the opportunity provided by the project, Italian and international partners will strengthen and implement the relationship between the various geographical areas, creating an informal network that can act as an antenna for the development of activities between the countries involved.

The project follows a typical scheme of mobility funds, enriching with bilateral relationships:
– selection of artists and operators through a call and the creation of the “Crossing the sea” dossier, shared among foreign partners and also on the occasion of platforms and foreign trips;
– proposals for activities by international partners who draw on the “Crossing the sea” dossier in order to choose artists and companies, to be invited according to the different needs and artistic choices, and which provide operators with seats for their festivals;
– economic and organizational support for the selected candidates to take part in activities abroad;
– promotion of the initiatives carried out in Italy, presentation of the results and organization of networking moments and bilateral returns during the partnership festivals.



Marche Teatro – Inteatro Festival (leader)
Anghiari Dance Hub
Armunia – Festival Inequilibrio
Fondazione I Teatri
Mosaico Danza – Interplay Festival
Oriente Occidente
Triennale Milano Teatro


Carthage Dance (Tunisia);
High Fest, Small Theatre (Armenia);
Orient Production (Egitto);
Sarayyet Ramallah (Palestina);
Arab Theatre Training Center (Libano);
Attakalari Center for Movement Arts (India);
T.H.E. Dance Company (Singapore);
SIDance, Seoul Institut of the Arts (Corea);
Tjimur Dance Theatre,
Shinehouse Theatre (Taiwan);
Shangai Dramatic Arts Center,
Shangai International Dance Center,
Beijing Dance LTDX, Hong Kong Arts Festival (Cina);
Kinosaki International Art Center, YPAM (Giappone);
Pippa Bailey (Australia);
Teatro Coliseo (Argentina);
Oveja Negra (Perù);
Reside, Cambio (Brasile);
Teatro a Mil Foundation (Cile);
San Francisco International Arts Festival (USA).


The very first two artist who set out were Salvo Lombardo and Davide Valrosso, heading to Attakkalari India Biennial in Bangalore. Lombardo proposed Bodies Memories, a residencial workshop in collaboration with Daria Greco, while Valrosso worked on The Golden Age, a work based on integration and exchange of creative process between artists and local community, for the realization of a final performance. The result of their works was presented to the public of Bangalore on the 8th and 28th of February.

On February 2nd, still during the Attakalari Biennial, Salvo Lombardo presented Outdoor Dance Floor and Davide Valrosso his creation Joseph.
Davide Valrosso, along with three dancers from the Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts, presented on June 14th, as part of Secret Florence project, of which Fabbrica Europa is partner with, the work A Peaceful, Peaceful Place, then on stage June 19th at Villa Nappi in Polverigi for Inteatro, and on June 22nd at Intra for Cross Festival and on 26th and 27th of June in Castiglioncello for Inequilibrio Festival.

Isabella Giustina, after one month residence from May 17th through June 17th, presented in Singapore, in occasion of Co.Lab. Asians, the creation Hanging in the Balance realized with T.H.E Second Company (T.H.E Dance Company).

Jacopo Jenna has been in residence for 10 days at the Seoul Institute of the Arts for a workshop with local artists and a final presentation.
During the month of July Barbara Berti is leading a workshop with both local and international artists at the Beijing Festival.

Still in China, Tecnologia Filosofica is proposing a workshop at the Shangai Dramatic Center for the Arts while Sotterraneo is going to be resident for the Shanghai International Theatre Festival.

SIDance from Seul is going to host Andrea Costanzo Martini as residence and the CCDC from Hong Kong is going to welcome the collective Melting Point (Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Claudia Mezzolla, Fabio Novembrini, Valentina Zappa, Isabella Giustina).

Luna Cenere, Ilenia Romano and Pietro Marullo will be at the Kong Art Festival in December, to work with local artists.

Fattoria Vittadini will be guest at the Tjimur Dance Theatre in Taiwan for a workshop/residence.