Mosaico Danza with INTERPLAY festival has won the grant from EFFEA

We are pleased to announce that Mosaico Danza with INTERPLAY festival has won the grant from EFFEA – European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists, cofounded by the European Union.

The fund aims to create networks among European festivals and support the production of emerging and early career artists from all fields.

DANCING HEADS is a trilateral project of residencies that involves INTERPLAY festival with Mosaico Danza as leading partner in Italy, with Potsdamer Tanztage – International Festival For Contemporary Dance with fabrik Potsdam in Germany and Festival Uzès Danse with La Maison CDCN in France with the scope of providing an early career artist a platform for envisioning new paths and imaginaries in the development of his newest work, by confronting with international operators and programmers and, therefore, confronting with different choreographic aesthetics and poetics.
The three partners, who respectively are in partnership with other structures that facilitate the realisation of the project (Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse in Germany and Theatre de Nimes in France), will host the artist for a series of residencies in France, Germany and Italy.
With 30 years of experience in supporting and promoting young creativity through shared processes and residency projects, Mosaico Danza is once again aiming at giving the opportunity to a mid-career artist, JACOPO JENNA, to grow in relation with other environments. While this is always very proficuous, in this circumstance it is particularly relevant as Jacopo and his company and collaborators are planning to spend 2023 in developing his newest choreographic project Danse Macabre.

Jacopo’s practice is deeply enmeshed in the dialogue among different media, intersecting the bodily language with analog and digital discourses. By this interaction, every aspect of the artistic creation brings along a tension to pushing the boundaries of each media, resulting in ambitious projects in terms of research, experimentation and production.

The first residency that Jacopo and his company will embark on will be in Turin, coordinated by Mosaico Danza / INTERPLAY Festival, in the precious occasion of preparing himself and the company for the experiences in Germany and in France.
At the end of August Jacopo’s company will be hosted in residency at Fabrik Potsdam. There he will meet and work with Sven Till, its director, and it will be an opportunity for Jacopo and the performers and collaborators working with him to be introduced to a stimulating space, one that is welcoming and generous, nurturing with new inputs his creative project. Fabrik Potsdam is indeed a space that embodies artistic creation and innovation in its working processes, facilitating artists in a development of their practice that is aware, self-conscious and reflective.
Later, Jacopo’s company will be hosted for a residency at the Theatre de Nimes in partnership with La Maison CDCN. La Maison CDCN is a space for contemporary dance that is deeply rooted in its locality, in the history of its territory and in a constant relationship with its public. This will be a chance for him to better comprehend the urgencies of an artist project and how it is in communication with public and communities.

The residencies will be concluded with a public moment though a public rehearsal, a presentation of the results of the period of work or an open meeting sharing the experience and the insight of the process.